Lamar Jackson is expected to close his second contract now



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Here is something I wanted to post on Tuesday. The sentiment still applies today, because the thing that’s supposed to happen still hasn’t happened.

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson hasn’t signed a second contract. He needs. Ideally, he should do it before Sunday night’s game against the Chiefs.

He probably won’t. He represents himself. He would be so immersed in football that he has no time to negotiate the contract. And that’s one more reason for him to hire an agent.

Many players consider, for example, that an agent’s three percent commission on a $ 200 million contract becomes a $ 6 million commission. It’s a legitimate concern, if the player can negotiate a $ 200 million contract (or a contract worth over $ 194 million) on their own.

For Jackson, it’s not clear whether or not he can, as he apparently doesn’t have time to try. This is all the more reason to hire someone to do it.

Anyone who watched Monday night’s game knows Jackson took a lot of hits. He has run the ball many times. In more than three years in the NFL, he has avoided serious injuries. There is no guarantee that this will continue. That’s why he needs to get his contract right now, before the next time he steps into the fray and risks the kind of injury that would force the Ravens to delay all talks until they are convinced he is. will be the guy he was before the injury.

The current 2019 MVP contract is a shame compared to other elite level quarterbacks. On the current list of highest paid quarterbacks, Jackson currently occupies the forty-fifth, with an average annual salary of $ 2.367 million. He earns less than Nick Foles, Case Keenum, Jacoby Brissett, Mason Rudolph, Marcus Mariota, Joe Flacco, Mitch Trubisky, CJ Beathard and Tim Boyle.

Jackson obviously deserves a huge raise. The Ravens are presumably ready to give it to him. If Jackson is just too focused on football to close his deal, he needs someone else to do it for him.

It wouldn’t be difficult. He could hire a good agent quickly (it’s not difficult for elite players to get recommendations from other elite players), and that agent could tell the Ravens, “We will do it by tomorrow.” evening at 8:30 p.m. ET, or Lamar is not playing.

Considering he hasn’t done it yet, there’s a good chance he won’t do it now. Regardless, he needs it. It is for his own good. Hopefully, there is a family member, friend or teammate who can and will grab their attention and persuade them to get the financial protection they need. Not in the form of an insurance policy, but in the form of a contract with substantial guarantees for damage.



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