DEAR JENNIFER: Can you recommend a good travel insurance policy for British expats in Spain?


UNFORTUNATELY, due to Brexit, the travel insurance company we have worked extremely well with for over 20 years is no longer able to offer cover to UK expats in Spain.

At first I was not worried because no travel was allowed.

However, it looks like that is changing and people are hoping to be able to vacation and visit loved ones this summer.

So I had to find out if there was a company that offered similar coverage at realistically reasonable prices.

Luckily, I discovered that one of my team members had experience with another travel insurance provider, which offers the policies and coverage expats are used to.

This means that I am happy to be able to offer this service to my customers again.

We are in the process of contacting all of our travel insurance customers, via email and a follow-up call to explain the new policies and issue quotes.

We can now provide travel insurance for annual and short trip policies with a choice of three levels of cover and there is an additional option for COVID-19 protection.

The policies are underwritten by Lloyds of Belgium, so of course the company is fully licensed and regulated within the EU.

After such a long time without being able to offer travel insurance because it was not needed due to restrictions, I am now hopeful that our long wait is coming to an end, although I still feel apprehensive .

Being able to hug a loved one after so long will be such a joy: a pretty underused word right now.

For more information or a quote, please contact any of my offices, visit the website or email [email protected]


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