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Co-ownership documents ignored

I am a local real estate agent with 40 years of experience. The Wall Street Journal reported that Florida requires 40 years of building recertification to ensure structural integrity. Whenever I have applied for certification as part of my due diligence registration checklist, I have found that many owners have not done so. The certification letter was not required when closing a sale and most parties did not find it necessary.

My attorney pointed out that Broward and Miami have such zoning ordinances, but Palm Beach does not. I’m sure there are other counties that don’t have the ordinance. Many changes are underway!

Whenever we involved people in condo ownership, we sent a questionnaire to the condo association to assess their financial health. Questions included:

1. Is the association professionally managed?

2. Are there any special assessments pending?

3. Is there a reserve fund to meet future needs?

In the case of Surfside, a valuation of $ 15 million was recommended. Why the procrastination? In the three years since the building’s flaws were discovered, owners and management have failed to correct the flaws – and floors have collapsed.

Steven Weil, Boynton Beach

Find news in the right places

In response to the letter regarding “emotional and opinionated” reporting (Thursday), may I humbly suggest that the writer research various sources of information – local newspaper, various television networks, and public radio and television.

Public broadcasting provides clear and concise reporting from representatives of both political parties minus diatribes. Listeners can count on public broadcasting for in-depth, unbiased and consistent reporting.

And we must all hold journalists to the highest standards for providing facts, not opinions, in their reporting.

Geraldine Milio, Lake Worth

Keeping politicians honest

Michael Kalisz’s suggestions (“A list of solutions for our elections,” Thursday) are a by-product of the “cause and effect” problem of our electoral process. To really bring this out of control system into some sort of manageable common sense, I suggest the following:

1. A single presidential term of six to eight years. This eliminates the first half of their first term trying to appease any broken campaign promises and spend the second half preparing for re-election. Just think of how much a president who is accountable to no one else could accomplish except those who voted for him.

2. All Elected state and federal employees have a maximum of two terms and must skip an electoral cycle before running for re-election. It eliminates professional politicians.

3. All state and federal elected officials must resign from their current position if you are applying for a new position. This eliminates all those who jump on the election band knowing they have no chance of being elected, but keep the financial war chest and enjoy the political climax.

Manfred G. Danner, West Palm Beach

Insurance inanity

As a retired road accident investigator for 40 years, I am shocked that Governor DeSantis has vetoed the bill that would have required all drivers in Florida to have at least 25 coverage. $ 000 in bodily injury. Florida is now one of only two states that does not require this coverage.

I strongly urge all Florida drivers to check their auto insurance policies to make sure they have Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage. Otherwise, they save a few dollars but take a terrible risk if they are injured in a no-fault accident.

Ken Hutchings Boynton Beach

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