PHL airport workers waiting for a pay rise for health benefits



Although leisure travel is rebounding, airport businesses say it can be difficult to sustain these increases, especially if their businesses are still suffering.

“It seemed like the wrong time,” said Erin Zwiercan, who owns three restaurants at the airport.

Before the pandemic, it employed 80 people at Yards Brewing Co., Geno’s Steaks and Jack Duggan’s Pub and Restaurant stores at the airport. Today, it only has about a quarter of the staff. Zwiercan said that of those 20 employees, only two are currently enrolled in health insurance plans, but she “wouldn’t want to speculate” why.

To appease tenants, the salary increase and supplement to fringe benefits will be phased in until 2023, as tenant companies renew their leases with the city.

City council has also passed complementary bill to continue channeling federal pandemic stimulus measures to airport tenants, and there will be an impact study to assess what the new wage standard will mean for residents. airport companies.

“We support fair and decent wages for employees at PHL concessions and strive to understand the impact this will have on airport traders, especially our small businesses,” said Megan O’Connell, Head of marketing and customer service at MarketPlace PHL private company that works with airport concession companies.



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