National Parents Day: Protect your parents with health insurance


Today, with the increasing age of our parents, it is our duty to show them how much we appreciate all that they have done for us and more with all the chaos and unprecedented times prevailing in around the world in recent years, his first and top priority must be to do everything in his power to protect the health and well-being of his parents. This can be done simply by buying health insurance for our parents to ensure that they don’t need to face a financial crisis if there are any medical emergencies during the golden period of their lives.

So, let’s explore some of the tips to help you make the right health insurance choice:

Buy comprehensive health insurance plan

As people age, many seniors may need to deal with some or other health issues and would need protection against any untoward hospitalization expenses due to a large number of illnesses, including serious illnesses. This is where a comprehensive health insurance plan becomes a necessity for parents, to cover all types of hospitalization costs inside and outside the hospital and to ensure that they don’t need to face a financial crisis if there are medical emergencies during their golden years.

Get cashless OPD coverage for better coverage

Health issues don’t have to escalate to hospitalization every time. Therefore, cashless OPD coverage is especially beneficial for parents who may be prone to conditions that require over-the-counter medications or undergo testing quite frequently. These expenses are a lot, but go unnoticed by most health insurance plans. So, parents who need regular OPD consultations can greatly benefit from a health insurance plan that helps cover cashless OPD expenses through a one-click digital app. Some plans available in the market cover up to ₹50,000 of OPD expenses per policy year, to cover expenses such as dental, vision, physical doctor consultation fees, prescribed medications, etc. .

Coverage for consultation and assessments for better care

Look for a comprehensive plan that offers personalized healthcare solutions to protect your parents from all types of healthcare expenses, even beyond hospitalization. For example, annual health check-ups, unlimited teleconsultations, a wellness program, etc. to take the utmost care of your parents’ health, not only in case of illness but also of well-being. Also, make sure the plan offers coverage for the widest range of illnesses with limited exclusions. Old age can be at a higher risk of contracting major conditions that are expensive to treat due to ever-increasing medical inflation. Thus, one should get a health insurance plan with a high sum assured to deal with any medical eventuality.

Network hospitals

Make sure your insurer has a wider hospital network specializing in various ranges of treatments. This can be an important parameter that ensures they have good hospitals nearby that provide a full list of treatments for various illnesses and that your parents don’t need to travel far from home.

Key parameters to look for before buying

Some of the things you may need to consider when choosing a health insurance plan are insured amount, premium, coverage and exclusions for particular illnesses, co-pay options, coverage ambulance, home care coverage and cashless home care coverage to enjoy access to quality health care, protect retirement capital and live a happier life.

Get it now

Sometimes, existing medical conditions can make the whole process of obtaining health insurance coverage a bit difficult for parents. That is why it is advisable to take out a health insurance policy at a young age and especially when they are in good health to prepare for any unprecedented event. Purchasing the plan early helps people in several ways, including reducing the risk of claim rejection. This is due to continuous coverage, they would have exhausted the relevant waiting times.

To conclude, quality health care would be a perfect gift for your parents that minimizes the financial risk in the event of a medical emergency. Choose a good health insurance plan for your parents, keeping the above-mentioned factors in mind and allay concerns about their health.

(By Shashank Chaphekar, Distribution Manager at ManipalCigna Health Insurance Company Limited)


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