First see how much it costs to maintain this SUV car per month


suv car The Fiat Pulse arrived on the market at the end of April, a highly anticipated launch since it is the brand’s first small SUV, and quickly established itself as the most affordable among competitors in the segment.

Designed in Brazil, Pulse is offered three versions The range is between $3,790,600 and $4,219,300, although in September this could push the price up by creating an internal tax barrier, which could reach $5,050,000, affecting cars worth $4,300,000. This amount acts as a deterrent to models wishing to remain tax-free, as it rises to 20% when hit.

Until the list is updated, Pulse SUV is one of the best buying options in the B-segmentAnd that’s why we review what they are maintenance costs It must be calculated to be in the garage.

available with two engine optionsCombined with a manual or automatic gearbox, these are unavoidable expenses for patents, insurance, fuel and garages, although you should always have some “savings” for unexpected expenses that may arise.

Fiat Pulse SUV: $56,645. until

For To access the cheapest Pulse model, you’ll need to get the Drive 1.3 variant with a 5-speed manual gearbox, priced at 3,790,600 pesos.

Fiat Pulse Drive a. is equipped with 1.3-litre 99hp Firefly engine and 5-speed manual or CVT automatic transmission. According to the value of the car in August, Patent That’s about $189,530 per year, or $15,700 per month. This expense is divided into 5 or 6 installments depending on the province.

Fiat Pulse SUV car every 100 km. consumes 9 liters of fuel in

One of the fixed expenses is car maintenance. Sure, which must be contracted against at least one third party. In this case, we calculate the third full amount of $11,745 per month. relative to ServiceKey to maintain vehicle warranty, Fiat grants a subsidy of 10,000 and 20,000 km, And only on 30,000 you have to pay it, which is 36,000 pesos.

Finally, there are daily operating expenses, which vary with each vehicle owner. For example, someone who travels about 15,000 kilometers per year, or on average about 50 kilometers per day, given the signs of the mark, which indicates the consumption of 9 liters per 100 kilometers, this expense will do $14,700 with regular fuel and $18,000 with premium.

So, adding a garage and two car washes per month, the cost would be:

  • Patent: $15,700
  • Insurance: $11,745
  • Benefit: Bonus
  • Fuel: $14,700 / $18,000
  • Garage: 11,000
  • Laundry: $3,600 (two per month)

With these expenses per month, About $56,645 will need to be allocated to keep the pulse going, or about 680,000 pesos.,

Range-topping Fiat Pulse SUV auto: $60,000. until

In the case of opting for the high-end variant of the Pulse, the so-called Impetus, the SUV costs 4,219,300 pesos. This model A. is equipped with 120 hp 1.0 Turbo engine, with Multiair III technology, direct injection and 100% aluminum block. The box is a 7-speed pre-programmed CVT.

Fiat Pulse inside, with large touch screen.

Fiat Pulse SUV car inside with large touch screen

In this case, the cost of Patent $210,965 per year, or approx. $17,582 per month, to which must be added insurance, which reaches up to 13,000 pesos for a full third. The service is also subsidized in the first and second sections, which start paying after 30,000 km, a price of 36,000 pesos.

In terms of fuel consumption and other expenses, it is similar to the cheaper version, giving the total cost as follows:

  • Patent: $17,582
  • Insurance: $14,000
  • Benefit: Bonus
  • Fuel: $14,700 / 18,000
  • Garage: $11,000
  • Laundry: $3,600 (2 per month)

Therefore, The monthly expense would be $60,782, or 210,965 pesos per year.

Fiat Pulse SUV Car Equipment

The new SUV for the small segment fell into a void in Fiat’s offer, which only offered the 500X in this category, which was much more expensive because it was imported from Europe.

In terms of equipment and comfort, the Pulse stands out for its raised design, with a rear spoiler that gives a sporty touch, while the wheels are 16 inches on the front-wheel-drive versions and 17-inch diamond-cut on the Impetus . All versions are equipped with roof bars, full LED headlights and skid plates.

Larger interior space for Fiat Pulse.

Large interior space for Fiat Pulse SUV Car

As for the interior design, it receives a new digital dashboard, two types of upholstery, fabric and leather, and updated climate controls. On the technology side, there is a 7-inch digital cluster, automatic and digital climate control, pedals on the steering wheel for the CVT box, keyless start, a standard mobile phone charger on all versions and a floating or touch screen of 8.4 inches. 10.1 inches

In Security, features automatic emergency braking and advanced driver assistance (ADAS) with lane departure alerts. Additionally, 4 airbags were provided as standard.


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