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Naturally, insurance and culture don’t usually match well due to opposing views and approaches to the Nigerian way of life. These cultural beliefs prescribe leaving the risks of life in the hands of the divine and supernatural being who protects everything. These beliefs are in contradiction with insurance, which encourages betting on these risks in order to be rescued in the event of an occurrence.

However, it’s important to note that people want the same things despite these differences – a better life for themselves, for their loved ones, and the ability to show love to the people who matter.

Africans are deeply rooted in culture; we live, talk, act and show it in everything we do. It permeates everything we do, from greetings to reverence or honor, especially to families and loved ones. As Africans, our respect for family transcends living together.

The love for the family is so strong and deeply rooted that even the indomitable of death cannot deflate it. We are very keen to show reverence to our loved ones lost to death, that the African would do everything possible, sparing no expense, to give a dignified funeral. We commemorate the milestones in our life and celebrate life in death, even at the time of mourning.

According to an interesting CNN report titled “The Goodbye Newspaper: Why Funerals Matter in Ghana”, “Ghanaians can spend as much money on funerals as they do on weddings, sometimes even more. The report estimated that “the average funeral should cost between $ 15,000 and $ 20,000 (approximately N 7,000,000 to N 10,000,000)”.

This culture is no different in South Africa. Reports suggest that the average cost of a funeral is around R26,875 (around N1,000,000). Likewise, in Kenya funeral costs start at around $ 800. However, in Africa, where even the highest minimum wage is less than $ 200, grieving families are forced to take out local loans to organize such a dignified funeral.

In addition to the weight of these costs, they also come at an unforeseen and ill-prepared time, leaving bereaved families numbed with despair and debt. But then, that’s the nature of death.

As many begin to dread this unknown hour and heavyweight culture, Leadway Assurance Company Limited, Nigeria’s premier insurer, has decided to create an insurance policy that ensures the preservation of beautiful African culture. A plan that helps take the headache out of the costs and makes those farewell events fit for our deceased loved ones, just the way we want them to be.

Leadway Family Benefit Plan Plus – for culture

Knowing that the death of a loved one is an unpredictable event, Leadway created the Family Benefit Plan Plus – FBPP (aka funeral insurance) to help families have a backup plan that protects them from unnecessary noise when the bell rings. of death rings.

Thus, the policy of the PBF has been designed taking into account our culture, firmly anchored in respect for the deceased. The Leadway Family Benefit Plan Plus gives families peace of mind knowing that no matter when the time comes for the final and everlasting farewells, you can call on the organization to secure the funds needed to organize a farewell worthy of a loved one. lost ; shopping for groceries for the grieving family and maintaining them after the funeral. It’s as simple as that.

The policy covers you, your parents, your spouse and your in-laws. If the inevitable happened, there would be no reason to go into debt to say goodbye to your loved one. Leadway Insurance has mourners’ backs so that they can grieve in peace.

To avoid “seeing the finish”

The English term pidgin “see finish” simply means “to see it all”. Figuratively speaking, this translates into leaving your dignity completely bare for all to see. It is a state of shattered self-esteem that becomes the result of being hopelessly broke and shamelessly seeking solutions.

This See-Finish moment is often the case with grieving families caught off guard and empty-handed and are often forced to desperately seek funds for a funeral. People encounter a lack of respect as they go door to door in search of help in fulfilling their final obligation to a loved one.

The Leadway FBPP policy ensures that its policyholders can rest assured that this kind of lousy treatment does not happen to them when they are grieving and grieving.

To learn more about how Leadway can help you avoid ‘Seeing the Finish’, please visit or call the Leadway Insurance Customer Support Line at 01-2800-700. You can also send an email to [email protected] for professional advice or request a call back by visiting

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