Water utility trade group opposes PFAS regulations, urges state to wait for federal action | Science and environment



The utility group argues that the standards proposed by the DNR, based on recommendations from the Department of Health Services, fail to consider the costs and benefits of how the EPA would.

“MEG – Water is concerned about the ministry’s proposal to establish drinking water standards without weighing the relative costs and benefits of those standards and the precedent this may set for the establishment of future drinking water standards for other emerging contaminants, ”the group wrote in comments. submitted Tuesday.

The group said water utilities are under pressure to keep rates affordable in the face of costly challenges, such as replacing lead service lines and aging water lines, and already need to remove contaminants like radium, arsenic and nitrate. He argues that new contaminants such as PFAS should undergo the same review and analysis as these other contaminants.

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, the state’s largest industrial group, has taken a similar stance.

Testing has found PFAS in all of Madison’s 23 municipal wells, although none exceed the proposed limit. The city has taken an East Side offline while exploring treatment options.

A spokesperson for Madison Water Utility said in an email that while utility executives agree with many of the trade group’s comments, including the need for a cost-benefit analysis, they support a immediate state regulation.



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