U.S. Medicare Plans Comment on Interim Final Rule for No Surprises Act Implementation


WASHINGTON, October 2 (TNSPol) – American health insurance plans made the following statement:

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Matt Eyes, President and CEO of AHIP, issued this statement following the publication of the Second Interim Final Rule (IFR) relating to the No Surprises Law. IFRs establish new protections for consumers against surprise medical billing from January 2022:

“No one should ever face a surprise medical bill that can lead to financial ruin. Health insurance providers strongly support measures to protect patients from surprise bills, especially for necessary care over which they had no choice or control.

“The administration’s approach signals a strong commitment to consumer affordability and reduced health care spending through an independent dispute resolution process that should encourage more providers to join health plan networks. We are especially encouraged to see the rules conform to the intent of the No Surprises Act. and direct that arbitral awards must begin with a presumption that the appropriate off-grid reimbursement is the eligible payment amount. This is the right approach to encourage hospitals, healthcare providers and health insurance providers to work together and negotiate in good faith.It will also ensure that arbitration does not result in unnecessary premium increases. for hard-working American businesses and families.

“Americans deserve control and choice in their health care, and no one should receive a surprise bill for care they did not choose. As we continue to review the full IFR, we look forward to participate in the comment period. We remain committed to working collaboratively with the Administration and other healthcare stakeholders to ensure Americans have access to the affordable care they need and deserve. “

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