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Travelex Basic Travel Plan

This economical plan offers pre-departure and post-departure coverage with adequate limits. Benefits include trip cancellation, trip delay, trip interruption, emergency evacuation, emergency medical insurance, and baggage and personal effects coverage.

Your US health plan may provide little or no coverage outside the country and health insurance is not accepted in other countries, so travel medical insurance is essential if you are going to the stranger.

If you are traveling domestically, your US health insurance may apply if you are injured or become ill. Some travel insurance companies require you to first file a claim with your health insurance company. With the basic plan, medical expense coverage is paramount, which means claims are first filed with Travelex, not your health insurance company.

If you purchase a Travel Basic plan within 15 days of paying for your first trip, trip cancellation coverage includes financial default (if your airline, cruise line or tour operator goes bankrupt) and cancellation for professional reasons if you have to work during the dates of your trip.

Cancellation for any reason cover is not available with the Travel Basic plan.

Travelex Select Travel Package

Travel Select is Travelex’s premier travel insurance plan and includes all Basic Plan coverage, with higher coverage amounts and optional add-ons. The Travel Select plan also includes coverage for sports equipment delays.

Another benefit of the Travel Select plan is the ability to request a pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver, if you have an existing condition that you wish to cover while on your trip. These waivers can be requested free of charge from Travel Select, provided you purchase your travel insurance within 15 days of paying for your first trip.

The Travel Select plan also offers optional upgrades not available with the basic plan:

  • Cover “Cancel for any reason”
  • Higher medical expense limits to provide and an extra layer of cover
  • Adventure sports coverage

Plus, children under 17 are included free in a Travel Select plan, as long as the cost of their trip doesn’t exceed yours.

Travelex Travel America Package

Travelex’s Travel America Plan is designed for domestic travelers and groups traveling for up to 14 days.

It includes all standard types of travel insurance coverage like Basic and Select plans, with varying differences in coverage amounts. Most notably, Travel America has caps on the maximum amounts for trip cancellation and trip interruption.

The Travel America plan has shared benefits for up to eight travelers, meaning the plan’s coverage limits are shared among everyone listed on the policy.

It also includes $1,000 in emergency pet medical expenses, with a $50 deductible. Plus, it offers $10,000 “return pet” coverage, which helps pay for transportation for your pet if you become ill or injured during your trip and are unable to travel.

You may be covered for pre-existing medical conditions if you purchase the Travel America insurance plan within three days of final payment for your trip. You can only get this pre-existing conditions coverage if you are physically able to travel when you purchase the policy.


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