The Suicide Squad controls King Shark in the darkest way possible



While most of the Suicide Squad have bombs up their necks, Amanda Waller has a different, even more twisted, method of dealing with King Shark.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Suicide Squad: King Shark # 1

In the new DC Suicide Squad: King Shark # 1, the publisher’s Free Comic Book Day offer reveals how Amanda Waller keeps villainous Nanaue online. In the issue, King Shark was called in to meet his Shark Godfather, but Amanda Waller needs reassurance that he will return to Task Force X once he’s done. While any other Belle Reve inmate would easily comply and come back so Waller didn’t blow their heads off, King Shark doesn’t have a cervical bomb due to his unique physiology, forcing the director of the Suicide Squad to come up with one. another. means making sure that Nanaue is cooperating.

Born a demigod of a human woman and the shark god known as the king of all sharks, Nanaue is an incredibly strong and almost impervious hybrid shark monster. He’s easily one of the strongest members of the Suicide Squad and one of Waller’s most valuable assets. However, her tough and protective shark skin makes it seemingly impossible for Waller to implant a bomb from a distance into Nanaue’s neck like she would any other member of the Suicide Squad. Bur as always, Waller apparently has a Plan B when it comes to dealing with King Shark.

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In the new Suicide Squad: King Shark # 1 From writer Tim Seeley and artist Scott Kolins, Nanaue takes a liking to the anguished and unstable fellow inmate known as Defacer, even going so far as to eat another inmate who harassed her. Understandably, this piques the interest of Waller, who is still looking for ways to manipulate his assets. And when the Shark King’s royal father summons his son, Waller has found the perfect dark way to make sure Nanue returns to Belle Reve after visiting her: she’ll kill Defacer if he doesn’t return.


Now Waller has a twisted new method of controlling King Shark, and all at the expense of Defacer, who now reluctantly finds himself in the midst of Nanaue’s family drama. This concept could have helped explain the King Shark plot in The Suicide Squad film, seen how the DCEU Nanaue Is have a built-in neck bomb despite her super tough skin. In theory, Nanaue and Racatcher II – who form a bond throughout the film – could have had a pre-Belle Reve friendship, which Waller could have enjoyed like in this new issue with Defacer.

Either way, this revelation proves just how dark and cunning Amanda Waller is by leveraging one of King Shark’s true relationships. Now Defacer is right in the splash zone of King sharkfight against Orca, and it looks like she’ll have no choice but to go with the flow as Nanaue takes part in a contest known as the Wild Games in upcoming issues of the new. Suicide Squad series.

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