Temporary auto insurance with several benefits attached to it


The company is working to encourage more people to get the right car insurance.

Typically, most insurance companies do not offer weekly car insurance and only offer car insurance policies with a minimum term of six months or one year.

However, not everyone wants to buy a comprehensive car insurance plan, and for those it is more feasible to get one week car insurance. Term car insurance is a great option for many people because they need to purchase this insurance only for the time they have their rental car or if they need coverage for a car they don’t own.

The team interviewed Laura Adams, insurance and finance analyst at Auto Insurance Comparison, to find out the temporary uses and benefits of auto insurance that every car owner should know about.

Laura Adams is one of the nation’s leading authorities on finance, insurance and small business. Let’s hear his thoughts on why getting temporary car insurance is an easy way to fill in the gaps in insurance coverage.

1 week or temporary car insurance

Weekly auto insurance is a relatively new coverage option for those looking to help pay for short-term vehicle ownership. These plans are primarily for those who will be borrowing or renting a vehicle for a short period of time, such as students on vacation, workers leaving town for business, or families planning road trips for vacation.

However, this type of insurance is difficult to find, although it can be very convenient and less expensive than the typical monthly car insurance policy.

The Uses of One Week Car Insurance

There are a myriad of benefits to using one-week or term car insurance; however, to help people, the most important ones are listed so that more people can relate to them.

#1: Driving a Newly Bought Car

If someone has just bought a new car and still wants coverage, they don’t know which annual plan they should get, then one week car insurance can provide temporary coverage for their new car until he finds the best auto insurance deal for himself.

#2: Borrow a van from someone

People usually borrow a large car or van to transport a large piece of furniture or move house to easily move things around. These tasks are limited to a few days, and here 1 week car insurance can be great to provide short-term cover for that borrowed car.

#3: Driving Practice

If someone is new to driving and has started practicing driving a few hours a week, weekly car insurance may be ideal for them. Later, they can purchase an appropriate annual car insurance plan according to their needs.

#4: Use a personal car for business purposes

Suppose, for some reason; someone needs to use their personal vehicle for work or business purposes, the annual insurance will not cover it according to the policy, which covers the vehicle only for household use.

Or if they have to go to another city to attend a conference for a few days and they use a personal car for that. In these situations, the purchase 1 week car insurance may be the best choice.

#5: Students during the holidays

Students who do not have a personal car when traveling or returning home for vacation usually drive their parents’ car to get around the city. Although a parent can add them to their child’s annual insurance plan; however, this may be an additional cost if the child only drives a car a few days a year. Instead, getting car insurance for a week is enough and a cost-effective solution in this situation.

#6: For emergencies

In an emergency where people need to look after someone or drive them to the hospital for a few days in their car, temporary or week-long auto insurance may be appropriate.


Although weekly car insurance might seem like the ideal plan, there are a few things to keep in mind before committing to a car insurance policy – and since this type of protection was designed with renters, consumers have reported being offered significant variances in one-way fares as well as additional charges that may apply. So, interested people should make a car insurance comparison and do proper research before purchasing a term or annual car insurance plan.

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