Take Action To Get “Smart Flooding” This Flood Awareness Week


It is Flood awareness week in Thurston County, and county leaders are encouraging residents to prepare for winter storms that can cause flooding by checking their emergency kits, making plans with family members, and purchasing property insurance. floods before the disaster.

Unincorporated Thurston County residents can get up to 40% rebate on flood insurance for properties located in special flood zones, and a 10% rebate for properties not in special flood zones. a special flood zone. Visit the county Flood plans and insurance web page to find out more.

“We are focusing this week on encouraging residents to purchase flood insurance now before storm season sets in,” said Sandy Eccker, Thurston County emergency management manager. “There is a 30-day waiting period after you’ve made your first premium payment, so you don’t have time to waste. Get your flood insurance today. “

With an average annual rainfall of 50 inches, flooding is the most common natural hazard in Thurston County. There have been 18 federal disaster declarations since 1962 due or in part to flooding.

Thurston County’s top-rated floodplain management programs have helped reduce flood damage and encourage landowners and residents in flood-prone areas to purchase flood insurance at a reduced price. The county has completed several flood mitigation and preparedness actions, receiving a high score on the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Community Assessment System of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). ).

Emergency management staff recommend that homeowners and tenants purchase national flood insurance as it is the only reliable form of financial protection against flood damage; Standard home insurance does not cover flood damage, and federal disaster assistance is only available for federally declared disasters.

Another action you can take is to sign up for Thurston Community Alert (TCAlert), the county’s official emergency notification system. With TCAlert, you can receive alerts on your smartphone or other devices that include flood warnings, evacuation advisories and instructions, or severe weather alerts. Learn more and register today on tcalert.org.

You can also create a Smart911 profile that gives emergency responders important information that could save your life. Adding personal information such as the number of pets in your home, emergency contacts, and your healthcare provider is completely voluntary. You can easily create a profile by registering for TCAlert at: tcalert.org.

To stay connected, follow Thurston County Emergency Management on Facebook and Twitter at:

Facebook: ThurstonEM

Twitter: @ThurstonEM

Although Thurston County is prone to flooding, especially in the fall and winter, our community is stronger and more resilient when we work together and prepare.

The above was provided by Thurston County Emergency Management.


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