Statement from Press Secretary Jen Psaki on the EPA’s issuance of an emergency fuel waiver for E15


The president has pledged to do all he can to address the pain Americans are feeling at the pumps following Putin’s price hikes and his war’s unwarranted impact on global supply in fuel. Today the Environmental Protection Agency announced that it is issuing an emergency fuel waiver to allow E15 sales during the summer driving season.

The waiver is a crucial step in addressing the fuel supply crisis and follows President Biden’s announcement earlier this month outlining actions to increase the use of biofuels to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, accelerate the transition to clean energy, build true energy independence from the United States, support American agriculture and manufacturing, and save Americans money at the pumps. At today’s prices E15 can save a family 10 cents per gallon of gas on average and many stores are selling E15 at an even deeper discount and today’s waiver will allow families to pay that lower price for the coming months.

This is just one of the steps taken by the president to fix the fuel supply problem and relieve Americans of Putin’s price hike. The President authorized the release of one million barrels a day from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve for the next six months in the largest release in history as a wartime bridge, worked around the clock to build a coalition around the world to release an additional 60 million barrels, and calls on Congress to force oil companies to pay royalties on wells in their leases they haven’t used in years to further encourage the national production at the moment. Additionally, our administration has finalized the toughest fuel economy standards for vehicles, reducing the amount of fuel families need to purchase over time and allowing vehicles to go further with every gallon.



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