Singapore plans better protection for concert workers


An advisory committee expects to provide recommendations that require legislative changes by the second half of next year.

A newly formed committee in Singapore will look at better protection for concert workers, in the areas of retirement and housing adequacy, financial protection against workplace injuries and bargaining power.

The advisory committee expects the work to be completed by the second half of 2022, with the possible end goal of making recommendations requiring legislative changes, the minister of state for manpower said , Koh Poh Koon.

“It could very well be a set of tripartite guidelines, for example, to guide workers or platform operators on expected behavior… It could well be other elements that require legislative changes to come into force ; some of the measures that need to be secured and protected by law to provide adequate legal protection, ”he said, reports The Business Times.

“Or it could be something that we leave to the union, for example, to have the flexibility to negotiate with the platform operators, because the situation can change; The platform’s business models can change as well, so we don’t want everything to be one-size-fits-all. “

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The committee focuses on three groups of workers in concert: delivery men, private hire car drivers and taxi drivers. It includes industry experts, academics and government officials, and is led by Goh Swee Chen, president of the Institute for Human Resource Professionals.

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