Settlement reached between the prosecutor, the Boone Co. Commission and the terminated employee



MADISON – In documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request for Boone County public registers, a financial settlement was concluded on October 1st Between Boone County Attorney Donna Taylor, the Boone County Commission, Self-Insurance Risk Group of West Virginia County Group, Inc., and dismissed the deputy prosecutor Timothy P. Gibson Jr. concerning acts alleged to have occurred on or before March 5, 2021.

Gibson is referred to as the “waiving party” in the documents for consideration of $ 70,000 and paid to the following:

Timothy P. Gibson, Jr. – $ 31,111.13

Boone County Commission$ 15,555.54 (reimbursement of salaries)

Hatfield & Hatfield, SARL$ 23,333.33 (attorney fees)

In part, according to the statement, Gibson will “release and unload forever Donna Taylor, the Boone County Commission and the Boone County District Attorney’s Office and the (source of financial settlement) Self-Insurance Risk Group of West Virginia County Group, Inc. d / b / a VM communities risk pool (WVCORP) (“released parties”) and their successors, agents, employees, heirs, personal representatives and assigns, of and all claims, demands, damages, actions, causes of action and legal proceedings, past, present and future, both known and unknown, of whatever nature, for or because of or resulting in any way from my employment with the Boone County Public prosecutor or Boone County Commission including my termination and the events leading up to my termination and including certain alleged acts alleged on or before March 5, 2021, including any attribution of sanctions to the whistleblower. “

According to Boone County records, Gibson’s annual salary was $ 68,500 upon termination of employment as deputy prosecutor.



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