Securing the financial future of loved ones, says Max Life in his campaign


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Max Life Insurance Company unveiled an advertising campaign ‘India ke Bharose ka number ‘, highlighting the company’s consistent performance in claims paid ratios over the past five years. Max Life’s paid claims ratio stands at 99.35%, breaking its record for the past five years, and is a testament to the trust customers have in the brand during these difficult times.

The heartwarming TVC opens with a scene of a typical millennial family, capturing Boman Irani as a father in a multidimensional role of trust he plays within the family. From being a supportive husband to his wife, a devoted father to his daughter, and a helping friend to his son, the ad features various cases with him as a reference person, trusted by all family members. .

The commercial ends on a compelling note that your family and loved ones trust you to play the right role in every situation. Likewise, the India ke Bharose ka number ‘ constitutes the basis of the relationship with the customer. Just as you trust your family to be there during uncertain times, you can trust Max Life‘s unwavering commitment to ensuring the family’s financial protection during difficult times.

Aalok Bhan, Director and Chief Marketing Officer, Max Life Insurance, said: “I am very proud to unveil the new TV campaign on ‘India ke Bharose ka number’, which puts our purpose as a company at the forefront, protecting people against risks and uncertainties and honoring the trust placed by our customers. Our paid claims ratio, or ‘India ke Bharose ka number’, is the ultimate mark of our credibility and reflects our commitment to our promise to our clients, reassuring them of the kind of financial security they can expect in the event of an eventuality. Through the new campaign, the intention was to show how one can, and should, play a role in ensuring that they protect their family’s best interests for an unpredictable future.

Actor Boman Irani said: “This TVC is close to my heart because it also reflects what I do in my daily life. Covid-19 has disrupted and hampered rituals and routines in every family and we have all experienced changes in family engagement. What remains constant is the confidence (Bharosa) in your ability to protect your family from uncertainties. Likewise, it is essential to choose a life insurance partner capable of financially securing your loved ones and the Max Life claims-to-premium ratio guarantees the trust factor.

In line with the company’s goal of becoming a digital-first insurer, Max Life has deployed underwriting models based on predictive analytics and robust fraud management enhanced by the digitization of forensic checks. This allowed Max Life to improve its paid claims ratio from 97.81% in FY’17 to 99.35% in FY’21, despite the challenges of Covid.

Sonal Dabral, Founder / CCO, Tribha, said: “In these difficult and unpredictable times, a campaign that promotes insurance and family protection is playing a bigger role than just selling the product. It was a pleasure for me to conceptualize and lead the projects of Max Life Insurance ‘India ke Bharose ka number’ campaign. A simple message for breadwinners: Just as they are always there to take care of their families, Max Life Insurance is also always there by their side. Proof of this is the ever increasing number of paid claims of the brand. Hopefully, this campaign will encourage the target audience to purchase the right amount of insurance and protection for their family.

In addition to the television commercial, the commercial is broadcast live on digital and social media.


Creative agency: Tribha

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Kailash Picture Company

Director: Sonal Dabral

[email protected]


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