School division pays more for liability insurance



The Loudoun County School Division is contributing an additional $ 211,434 this year to the Risk Management Program of the Virginia County Association, its insurance coverage provider. These increases in coverage are divided into several categories.

The receipts, obtained at the request of the Freedom of Information Act, show that for fiscal 2022, the division paid VACORP $ 1,709,944, up from $ 1,498,510 in 2021.

The biggest increase was the additional real estate coverage. This year, property coverage costs $ 854,000, an increase of $ 166,204 from last year.

This year, the division is paying approximately an additional $ 16,000 for inland marine insurance, covering materials and items transported by truck or rail, or stored by a third party.

The cost of general liability coverage this year is $ 128,371.

The hike in coverage comes as the division faces a number of high-profile lawsuits. Physical education teacher Tanner Cross, represented by Alliance Defending Freedom, settled $ 20,000 with the division after being put on paid administrative leave for speaking out against the protection of transgender students. The division and the ADF are still in dispute over policy 8040, which grants rights to transgender and expansive gender students.

The division is also responsible for the legal fees of school board members facing an expulsion effort. This year it has included coverage of Beth Barts, former Leesburg District Representative, President Brenda Sheridan (Sterling) and Vice President Atoosa Reaser (Algonquin) as they battle recall petitions in front of the Loudoun County Circuit Court.

In federal court, Patti Menders, president of the Loudoun County Republican Women’s Club, is suing the district over its fairness agenda. The lawsuit argues that white children have been discriminated against and excluded from groups that work to eliminate racial inequalities in schools.

VACorp pays legal fees in cases up to $ 250,000. If the fees exceed this amount, the school division is responsible for the remaining fees.



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