Omaha metro lawmakers react to E-15 decision



LINCOLN, Neb. (WOWT) – On Friday and throughout the weekend, Omaha metro lawmakers commented on the E-15 decision.

According to the Associated Press, “a federal appeals court rejected an Environmental Protection Agency rule change that allowed a 15% ethanol-gasoline blend to be sold during the summer months.”

Many lawmakers have said the move was a disappointment. The governor of Iowa disagreed with the DC Circuit Court.

US Senator from Nebraska Deb Fischer also made a statement, arguing for the E-15.

“Today’s DC Circuit Court decision is a blow to rural America. I have long fought for year-round E-15 sales that provide certainty and predictability to farmers and ethanol producers, and give consumers more choice at the pump. I will continue to lobby the EPA and seek legislative avenues if necessary to preserve E-15 sales year round. “

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst is another who was in favor of the E-15 and was also disappointed.

Another who disagreed with the court ruling was Nebraska Congressman Adrian Smith.

“I am deeply disappointed with the decision of the DC Circuit Court today to reverse the previous administration’s extension of the RVP waiver for E15,” Smith said. “It defies logic that the EPA cannot use its statutory authority to provide a waiver for E10, but not for E15, which has a PSI lower than E10.”

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