The survey, conducted April 19-28 among registered voters aged 21 and over, asked the following question:

As you may know, 180 million Americans, a majority, currently have health insurance through an employer. When employers provide health insurance coverage to their employees and families, the value of those health care benefits (the portion of premiums paid by the employer) is not subject to federal income taxes or on wages.

Which statement do you agree with the most, even if none describes exactly how you feel?

Employer-provided health insurance should continue to be tax-free, as tax-exempt status encourages employers to provide high-quality coverage at a more affordable price for workers and their families.

Employer-provided health insurance should be taxed because it would increase federal revenue and reduce wasteful health services.

The results indicated that 77% of voters want employer-provided health care coverage to remain tax-free. When voters had to choose, even if they weren’t sure, that number jumped to 87%.

“The tax incentives for employer-provided health coverage are more than a great value to American workers and their families. They also represent a hidden boon to the federal government itself,” said James A. Kleinpresident of the American Benefits Council. “For each $1 tax expenditures attributable to these tax incentives, employer-sponsored plans pay $5.34 in benefits to beneficiaries of the health plan[1]. This public-private partnership allows the federal government to allocate additional resources to the most vulnerable populations.

“As lawmakers consider future health policy initiatives, we urge them to protect and improve the employer-provided health insurance system by cutting costs rather than raising taxes,” concluded Klein.

The Alliance to Fight for Health Care is a broad coalition of businesses, patient advocates, employer organizations, trade unions, healthcare companies, consumer groups and other stakeholders who support the health coverage provided by the employer. Together, we work to ensure that employer-provided coverage remains an available and affordable option for American workers and their families.

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