Mumbai’s wealthy GSB Ganesh Mandal gets insurance cover worth Rs 316.40 crore


The insurance covers the pandal, volunteers, priests, cooks, shoe vendors, valet service staff and security guards for a total of Rs 316.4 crore.


First published August 29, 2022, 12:28 PM IST

GSB Seva Mandal, one of the wealthiest Ganesh Mandals in Mumbai, has taken out an insurance policy worth Rs 316.40 crore for the upcoming Ganpati festival, according to a Mandal representative.

According to Vijay Kamath, Chairman of GSB Seva Mandal in Mumbai’s King’s Circle, “All public responsibilities and all devotees visiting the Mandal are covered by insurance for the 10-day festivities commencing on Wednesday.”

According to a Mandal representative, this is the highest insurance coverage taken by a Mandal.

The insurance worth Rs 316.4 crore includes cover of Rs 31.97 for gold, silver and other valuables, and Rs 263 crore covers pandal, volunteers, priests , cooks, shoe salesmen, valet parking personnel and security guards.

According to Kamath, the Mandal has also purchased a standard fire and peril special policy Rs one crore with earthquake risk, which covers furniture, fixtures, fixtures and fittings such as computers, CCTVs and appliances. scanners.

“We have taken care of all public responsibilities and every devotee who visits Mandal. As the most disciplined Ganesh Mandal, it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of every devotee of Bappa (Lord Ganesh),” said Kamath.

GSB Seva Mandal celebrates its 68th Ganpati Festival.

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