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LR Bill Bell Paden City high school teacher, James (Cork) Bowen, PCDA President, Paden City Mayor Steve Kastigar and US Congressman David McKinley

The Paden City Development Authority (PCDA) welcomed 1st District Congressman David McKinley to their offices in the Health and Recreation building on December 17.

Congressman McKinley has been very supportive of the Brownfields sites at WV and has actively supported the PCDA cleanup grant application. PCDA President Cork Bowen gave a brief overview of the Development Authority, its history, mission and recent grant awards. He explained that the Development Authority was formed by the council in 1989 with the mission of promoting and improving the development of commerce in the city of Paden and helping the city to reach its potential.

The PCDA has been very active over the past 3 years to improve and rehabilitate its two main properties, the health and recreation building and the industrial park. More recently, grants from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Economic Development Agency (EDA) have enabled environmental assessments to be carried out in the industrial park.

A marketing and workforce analysis was recently completed which will allow us to market and attract potential tenants to the 8.6 acre industrial park.

A technical feasibility study that needs to start will help us determine what improvements are needed and the costs to deliver them. Along with these projects, a $ 600,000 grant from EPA Brownfields Cleanp is underway.

From the 1st quarter of 2022, a plan to clean up the industrial park will begin. Working closely with the EPA, WV DEP and the PCDA’s chosen project manager, Civil & Environmental Consultants, we plan to clean up the site for future development. The cleaning process should be completed within 18-24 months, once it has started.

Mayor Steve Kastigar then gave Congressman McKinley an overview of current and past water and sewer projects in Paden City. New water reservoirs are being built in the northeastern part of the city and the main water pipes are being replaced and upgraded alongside the construction of the reservoirs. After the introductions, McKinley took a walking tour of the building and spoke personally with all the tenants. President Bowen said the philosophy of the PCDA is to seek tenants who encourage goodwill and provide services that help the community. Current tenants of the H&R building include Wetzel / Tyler County Health Department, Youth Services System (YSS), Head Start and ResCare.

“We have seen many examples of how Brownfields grants can be used to revitalize areas and return them to productive use,” McKinley said. “These investments will make a difference in the city of Paden.”



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