Macon man charged with insurance fraud and impersonating his brother


MACON – A Macon man has been charged with insurance fraud and identity theft after Georgia insurance officials say he stole his brother’s identity to file an insurance claim .

According to the Office of the State Insurance Commissioner, Christopher Roland, 36, applied for an insurance policy with Progressive Insurance using his brother’s personal information in October 2020.

Roland was involved in a car accident the following month, and the subsequent claim he filed resulted in a payout of approximately $14,000.

“Mr. Roland’s brother discovered these incidents this year, and it was determined that Mr. Roland stole his brother’s identity to purchase the insurance policy,” said the Georgia Insurance Commissioner, John F. King.”Upon further investigation, we have discovered that Mr. Roland not only bought off the police using his brother’s identity, but has a history of impersonating his brother. brother.”

Warrants were issued against Roland on October 21, for two counts each of insurance fraud and identity fraud.

Recall: Articles about crimes contain only accusations and information taken from police reports and statements from law enforcement. Suspects and accused are presumed innocent until proven guilty.


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