Local families struggling with the aftermath of the basement flooding



TONAWANDA, NY (WIVB) – After heavy rains and flooding swept through western New York on Saturday, people were scrambling to get their homes back to normal.

News 4 visited a basement in Tonawanda that was filled with 12 inches of water and sewage on Sunday morning. The family had four pumps at a time to remove the water.

Rob Yeager and a team from 911 Restoration of Buffalo worked around the house for a few hours, disinfecting and disposing of raw sewage.

Yeager said he himself did 31 jobs on Sunday alone. His team of nine responded to more than 100. He said he had not seen flooding like this in the area in years.

“Late nights, long hours, I’ve already spoken to all the clients, I assemble the work for the evenings now, normally we don’t do that but we will do it because we have too much to do. And I don’t want families to go without their living space for too long, ”Yeager said.

He and his team as well as owner Kristine Cook have their work cut out for them in the coming days.

“You just have to clean everything, that’s the hardest part and get rid of the smell. Like, the last time it happened after it still smelled for a while. Then we have to replace whatever we’ve lost, ”Cook said.

Yeager said he recruited some of his family to help him and get the job done faster.

He also said his advice to homeowners is to check your insurance policies to see what your water coverage is for basement flooding.

He said he met many people on Sunday who only had $ 5,000 in coverage when they should have a minimum of $ 25,000. He said it forced many people to pay damages out of pocket.

Kayla Green is a journalist who has been part of the News 4 team since 2021. See more of her work here.



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