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Lawrenceville Borough Council discussed several employee-related issues at its September 21 meeting, including one who apparently did not receive an approved Medicare allowance previously.

The $ 250 allowance was approved by the board when the employee was hired in April, but it has yet to receive the funds.

It was reported that the funds could be turned over to an insurance company if a policy is in place and contact details are provided to the secretary, or the employee could receive the funds directly, which would then be considered taxable income. .

After a long discussion at the meeting, the council filed an action on a claim for reimbursement of mileage.

It was determined that the files provided for review lacked information, so the forms will be returned to two employees for completion.

Once they are completed, the board will review the application again and the expense vouchers, receipts and work schedules will be compared against the log. The federal mileage rate for 2021 is 56 cents per mile.

The Council also noted that an employee can only work on certain days and only in the evenings.

The employee is trained to perform tests in sewer and water facilities, which Councilor Gordy Chilson says can be done at any time of the day.

Another person has expressed interest in the part-time position as needed and has experience in the use of heavy equipment and snow plows.

No action was taken to hire the additional person.

Other business

The annual inspection of the Tioga River embankment is scheduled for September 28. The inspection was a concern for the borough council because they were unable to hire a contractor to remove or spray the vegetation or mow the dike. The Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Environmental Protection inspect the Tioga Levee every two years and, according to the council, the maintenance of the seawall has not met the agency’s expectations. inspection for several years.

After five weeks, Cherry Street Park is open and the council has agreed to remove the rotten and damaged planks from the park.

The boards were originally used to separate the grass from the mulch, but during recent repairs in the park the boards were found to be rotten and damaged.

The park was originally closed after a hole developed in the playground, the cause of which is still unknown.

Chilson said he heard from the insurance company that the borough would not be covered against a claim because there is not the required 12 inches of mulch in the park’s play area.

The board discussed the upcoming Swift 911 training and noted that two board members and the secretary are interested.

Swift 911 helps the borough inform residents of emerging situations.

Council heard a complaint about grass growing in storm sewers in several places in the borough. The complainant said they removed the growth in one place.

The Lawrenceville borough council will meet on October 4 at 7 p.m.



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