Kyler Murray drama: QB called ‘spoiled’ by father of former Cardinals star Larry Fitzgerald


There’s been a lot of drama this offseason between Kyler Murray and the Cardinals, and Larry Fitzgerald Sr. might have added a little more spice to that drama on Tuesday with a simple tweet.

During a conversation about Murray, the father of former Cardinals star Larry Fitzgerald wrote that the quarterback is “spoiled” and it’s “he was never humiliated”. Fitzgerald Sr. also added that Murray is a “great talent” who needs to “keep working”. The elder Fitzgerald is a reporter from Minnesota who obviously has close ties to the Cardinals.

One thing that is unclear is whether the elder Fitzgerald was making these comments based on speculation he heard or if he is saying it because of information he got from his son, who was Murray’s teammate for two seasons in Arizona before unofficially retiring in 2021.

Fitzgerald Sr.’s comments match Murray’s description published in early February. On Super Bowl Sunday, ESPN reported that the Cardinals had major concerns with Murray with the people in the organization who describe it as “egocentric, immature and someone who points the finger”.

That same report also stated that Murray was unhappy with the team because he was made the “scapegoat” for their 34-11 playoff loss to the Rams. This ESPN report came out less than a week after the quarterback cleaned up his Instagram account so he didn’t mention the Cardinals at all.

Murray added even more drama to the situation on Monday when his agent, Erik Burkhardt, released a statement that essentially demanded a new contract. In the statement, Burkhardt noted that the QB wants a contract that, “provides financial protection, is in line with the current QB market.”

If Murray hopes to land a deal that pays him $40 million a year, there are currently only three quarterbacks at that level — Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen and Dak Prescott — and they all have at least one playoff victory, which is something that Murray does not yet have.

Murray certainly has a high upside, but demanding a new contract at a time in your career when you really haven’t proven anything yet comes across as slightly “spoiled”, and doing it sooner than any other quarterback isn’t either. more of a nice look. Most quarterbacks who sign an extension after their third year in the league usually get that deal in June or July. The first deal ever made for a third-year QB came when Ryan Tannehill got one in May 2015. Basically, Murray is asking for a contract at a time when quarterbacks don’t usually ask for contracts.

Publicly, the Cardinals are supportive of Murray, but who knows how they feel behind closed doors, especially given ESPN’s report.

“Put me in the corner of ‘I love him’ and I know he’s going to get better,” Cardinals owner Michael Bidwill said of Murray on Friday. via Arizona Republic.

Bidwill may love Murray, but as the QB noted on Monday, “actions speak much louder than words,” meaning Bidwill can say how much he loves Murray all he wants, but Until he gives his QB a new contract, Murray isn’t going to feel the love.


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