Josh Branch recovers $ 1,500,000 for client after fault insurance company refuses to quote $ 250,000 policy limits



ATHENS, Georgia., December 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As a result of a violent automobile collision, caused solely by the defendant, an innocent man suffered serious injuries, including head trauma, a broken collarbone and an injury to the cervical spine, which required surgery. Although the injured victim had significant medical bills, the responsible insurance company, State Farm, refused to pay the limits of the policy. $ 250,000.00 after having had the opportunity to do so.

In light of State Farm’s refusal to do what is right, the law firm of Joshua W. Branch, LLC was forced to take legal action on behalf of the injured victim. During the litigation, the firm lobbied to include the defendant’s cell phone tapes as evidence, given the notion of alleged distracted driving. Pairing this with the plaintiff’s significant injuries and State Farm’s failure to resolve the police boundary case, the case was ultimately resolved for $ 1,500,000.

Granted, not all cases are able to achieve a result that exceeds the limits of the applicable insurance policy, but you must have a lawyer and a law firm on your side who know how to position the case so that this is possible, when possible. The law firm of Joshua W. Branch, LLC is proud to have assisted its client in this situation and is available to assist other injured victims in similar situations.

If you or a loved one has been injured (or lost their life) in a car accident, or other act of negligence, caused by the fault of someone else, please call Joshua’s law firm. W. Branch, LLC at 706-760-9220. You can also visit to learn more about the firm and how the lawyer Josh branch can help you in your case.

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