Insurance billing by the pound can beat the gas-powered hiking blues


With gas prices expected to rise again this week, you almost need another source of income to keep you driving.

Many of us are still struggling with paying over R21.50 per liter of petrol and the recent rise in the repo rate, which will affect our ability to save. The expected rise in the price of petrol, which would be around R3.70 more per litre, will make saving even more difficult.

Instead of signing up for fast food deliveries in your spare time to raise money to keep your car running, you can cut monthly expenses on a recurring cost that you must have as a driver anyway. If fast food delivery or carpooling with co-workers to save money isn’t an option, you should look for a more convenient method. Auto insurance these days gives you the opportunity to save when you drive less.

Isn’t it time your insurer took into account the kilometers you drive each month when billing you? If your insurer lets you pay per kilometer – meaning you pay less when you drive less – you save on fuel and insurance, which would most likely help.

Keletso Mpisane of digital car insurer, MiWay Blink, says, “The drive-based car insurance model helps customers get better value because they pay according to their actual risk profile. This gives them the added benefit of controlling their car insurance expenses throughout the month by monitoring their driving.

With many people working from home, their mileage has decreased and therefore the risk of them causing an accident.

“We use GPS and the phone’s motion feature in our app to track the miles you travel. MiWay Blink’s car insurance offer allows you to pay less on premiums, when you drive less,” adds Mpisane. Users can receive cashback at the end of the month based on the distance traveled that month.

Shead aims that if your current routine allows you to drive less, you should consider this model of insurance and switch to an insurer that offers rewards for limited driving.

A la carte car insurance model, such as that offered by MiWay Blink, offers cash back on the premium paid if one drives less than 2,500 km per month.

With the world changing as rapidly as it has in recent years, you must recognize that you cannot undo change, but you can only control what is in your power. One of the things you can control is how much you spend on car insurance each month – so look at it and make it work for you, not the other way around. *Cashback is part of the product at no additional cost. To qualify for cash back, a self-inspection must be completed and your premium paid.


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