How to file an insurance claim at maturity, in the event of death



Life is uncertain, but having a good insurance policy can give you a sense of security in the midst of this chaos. Choose the best policy, based on your requirements, needs through market research and comparison of policy details from different providers. This includes a comparison of cost, coverage, exclusion, and other details. However, a key aspect that often misses our attention is the police incident complaints process. From now on, an insurance policy can only be claimed in two situations: in the event of the death of the policyholder or the expiration of the maturity period. Here we take a look at the police claims process in both cases.

How to claim an insurance policy in the event of death?

To claim the life insurance policy in the event of the death of the policyholder, a notice must be sent to the insurer on the nominee’s side mentioned in the policy. Any close relative of the deceased or the insurance agent can do this on behalf of the family. Sending an early bully will help applicants easily claim the insurance amount.

The intimidation of the claim will contain information regarding the death such as the date, time and cause of the death. The police insurance agent is responsible for helping applicants complete the insurance claim formalities.

Once the insurance company receives the bullying, it will come back to the applicant asking for documents including

– Complete the complaint form.

– Policy document

– Death certificate

– Deeds of transfer / reassignment (if applicable)

-Legal proof of title if the policy has no nominee or has not been transferred to anyone.

-Form of discharge executed and certified

Note that the insurance company may request documents like a medical assistant certificate, hospital certificate, employer certificate, police investigation report, autopsy report and others if and when required.

How to claim a life insurance contract at maturity?

To claim a maturity life insurance policy, the policyholder will need to send a notice with release slip and other details at least two to three months before the maturity date. The policyholder is supposed to send the original of the bond as well as the discharge slip signed in front of witnesses, to enable him to make the payment.

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