Health insurance: Parents can only insure dependent children


My 24 year old daughter is covered by my family floating policy. In a month, she will be married. Is it possible for her to maintain coverage and receive all benefits accrued over the past 12 years?

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Health insurance policies generally only cover dependent children up to a certain age. Since your daughter is getting married and she is no longer financially dependent on you, it is suggested that after marriage she takes out a separate policy on her own or as part of a floating policy with her husband. Continuity benefits, if any, can be transferred from your daughter’s current policy to any new policies she may purchase after marriage.

I recently purchased a health insurance policy with an insured amount of 3 lakh, and just a few days ago I was diagnosed with a 7cm kidney stone and advised to undergo a lithotripsy procedure (surgery to remove the stone). Can I claim my medical expenses under my new health insurance?

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Health insurance policies usually come with a waiting period during which health claims will not be paid. If hospitalization occurred during the waiting period, your claim for lithotripsy (kidney stone treatment) may not qualify under the policy. Certain conditions may also be subject to specific elimination periods beyond the standard elimination period. It is therefore important to check these aspects when taking out the policy for the first time.

(Answers to questions from Shreeraj Deshpande, Head of Healthcare Enterprises, SBI General Insurance)

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