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Linda Harris TAKING A LOOK – Teams inspect the site of the new Steubenville City School softball and baseball fields on Stanton Boulevard on Monday.

STEUBENVILLE – The grand opening is days away for Big Red’s new baseball and softball field complex on Stanton Boulevard.

The $ 2.5 million project, which houses the school’s softball and baseball programs, is expected to be ready for play in the spring of 2022.

City of Steubenville Superintendent of Schools, Melinda Young, said things had moved slowly so far, mainly because they wanted to make sure they were in full compliance with the agency’s regulatory standards. US and city environmental protection for stormwater runoff.

“It’s part of the Permar race and we wanted to make sure we were doing everything the right way,” she said adding: “We had to comply with federal and municipal regulations. “

So in addition to the two retention basins already in place, she said they were adding two, big, new ones.

“The same people who made our drawings also did all the drainage of the Laurels”, she noted.

“You are looking at something very, very, very complex, the reason being that it was very complex, what had to be done” Special Projects Director Mike Bauman said, adding in some ways that it might seem like overkill “but it wasn’t.”

He said the Stanton Boulevard site will give schools in the city of Steubenville a real sports complex, since the Harding Stadium and the training ground are adjacent.

“Before, neither the boys nor the girls of the university had their own domain”, he said. “Now they will. It will also be a total complex for us – we will have the football field, the training grounds and now the softball and baseball fields, all together. It will be a centralized campus.

Plans for the seven-acre site include dugout canoes, a press room, restrooms, a concession stand, bleachers and parking, as well as well-drained grass fields. Young said that grass fields are “Will result in a lot less cancellations, a lot less rescheduling of matches” because they can be ready for match day within an hour of a heavy rain.

College boys from Big Red and college boys from Catholic Central used the Vaccaro pitch at Franciscan University of Steubenville for their home games. The college girls have played home games at the North End baseball field as well as at Vaccaro, Bauman said.

Having their own pitches will make it easier for the three teams to plan, Young said, and it also means they will be able to host tournament matches, noting that this would also generate income for the city.

“I am very excited,” Bauman said. “We’ve been (working) on ​​it since May. We just want to start.

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