Garland ISD addresses potential danger near Park Crest Elementary – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth



Garland ISD takes care of the safety of Park Crest Elementary School after the discovery of a potential environmental hazard near the school.

The potential danger was related to the Globe-Union battery manufacturing plant, located at 1111 South Shiloh Road, Garland ISD said.

According to Garland ISD, the presence of the potential hazard was based on a preliminary Environmental Protection Agency assessment completed in September 2019 and an updated report completed in May 2021.

Garland ISD said no specific source of contamination was involved in either report, although elevated levels of lead were identified in surrounding areas near the shores of Duck Creek outside of the fence of Park Crest Elementary School.

Students at Park Crest do not play or learn in this area, the school district said.

The district said it immediately launched extensive external environmental impact studies for all adjacent Garland ISD properties, including soil samples from Park Crest Elementary.

Park Crest Elementary is about a mile from the Battery Factory.

These reports did not show any dangerous level of contamination with the fences around Park Crest Elementary, and no other campuses were affected.

As part of the district’s response to the findings, Garland ISD said it has widened and strengthened the fence line around the campus in an effort to prevent children from venturing into areas the reports have identified as contaminated.

Garland ISD said district officials had not received information from any parents about their child’s treatment for lead exposure and had no reason to believe that students or staff had been exposed to lead at Park Crest Elementary School.

The Environmental Protection Agency has set up a response site that provides information on the Globe-Union cleanup.



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