EPA to Resubmit Disconnect Orders for Unnecessary Post-EIS Services



Written by Dave Nyczepir

The Environmental Protection Agency intends to resubmit disconnection orders for 268 services rendered unnecessary by the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract but not processed in a timely manner.

The EPA Inspector General’s office found that services such as analog phone lines and digital subscriber lines were still not disconnected as of May 2021, and eight disconnection orders took between one and 61 month. – costing the agency $ 7,850.

As the EPA identified the services it intended to transfer to the General Services Administration’s $ 50 billion EIS contract for telecommunications and network modernization, it had to create an inventory from scratch. .

“This probably happened because the EPA did not have a process to regularly review all of its GSA services,” the OIG read. report. “Additionally, the EPA has not validated its inventory of GSA services against the E-MORRIS database, as requested by the GSA.”

The deadline to do so was October 31, 2016, but the EPA decided not to do so because the database contained over 60,000 erroneous entries that would have cost over $ 160,000 to reconcile.

Despite this, the OIG made no recommendation in its report because the EPA managed to disconnect more than 18,000 services between November 2016 and April 2021.

The OIG also praised the EPA for “efficiently” planning a long-term solution for remote network access, while moving to the EIS contract, which will allow up to 20,000 simultaneous remote workers to communicate. reliably and access critical applications and data.

“Remote network access became mission critical in March 2020 as the EPA responded to the coronavirus pandemic,” the report read. “The pursuit of operations under the constraint of pandemics and natural disasters obliges the agency to adapt its network to support a virtual workforce. “

The EPA did this by including a requirement in its EIS solicitation that the selected vendor provide scalable remote access solutions.

Unfortunately, an EIS task order has not yet been assigned, although the GSA deadline is September 30, 2019. The report did not provide any explanation as to why.

The task order will be managed by EPA working capital, but services cannot be transferred to EIS until it has been assigned.

“Because the EPA annually reviews all working capital orders to determine if they remain valid or should be disconnected, the EPA will have a regular process in place to disconnect all unnecessary network and telecommunications services after the full transition to the EIS contract, “the report reads.



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