EDF Urges Senate Environment and Public Works Committee to Support Highly Qualified Candidates for Critical Environmental Protection Agency Positions


February 15, 2022

Ben Schneider, (202) 572-3279, [email protected]

Ahead of their confirmation hearings at the Senate Environment and Works Committee tomorrow, EDF announced its support for two highly qualified candidates for key positions at the Environmental Protection Agency.

David Uhlmann is being considered to lead the EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, and Dr. Carlton Waterhouse will be considered for Deputy Administrator of the Office of Lands and Emergency Management, which is responsible for protection of public health and the environment from toxic spills and releases. of hazardous materials. More detailed biographies for both contestants are below.

“Mr. Uhlman and Dr. Waterhouse are exceptional candidates,” said Elizabeth Gore, Senior Vice President, Political Affairs. “Their careers have been defined by commitment, integrity and results that help protect families. against harmful pollution and to advance environmental justice. We urge the Environment and Public Works Committee to support their early confirmation.

David Uhlmann is appointed EPA Deputy Administrator for Enforcement and Compliance Assurance. This official is responsible for ensuring that violators of federal law are held accountable. David Uhlmann served 17 years as a federal prosecutor, including seven years as chief of the environmental crimes section at the United States Department of Justice during both Republican and Democratic administrations. He knows and understands the federal environmental enforcement and compliance process. Mr. Uhlmann is impartial and works effectively with a wide range of environmental, government and industry professionals.

Dr Carlton Waterhouse is appointed deputy administrator of the Office of Land and Emergency Management. This official is responsible for protecting public health and the environment from toxic spills and releases of hazardous materials from community facilities across the country that operate major land and waste management programs such as Superfund and Risk. Management. Dr. Waterhouse has nearly three decades of experience as an international expert in environmental law and environmental justice and holds a Ph.D. in social ethics. His academic experience is extensive, earning degrees in science, theology, and law. Dr. Waterhouse has been a champion of environmental justice, including during his tenure at Indiana University Law School and recently at Howard University, where he established the Environmental Justice Center to provide a platform -trains law students to provide legal and advocacy support to communities. affected by pollution. Dr. Waterhouse’s unique combination of skills, experience and vision is precisely what the EPA needs at this pivotal time in history.


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