Clarence Debt Collector Who Owes $ 60 Million Must Show Finances Or Expect Jail | Local news



When state attorney general Letitia James announced the $ 60 million settlement in 2019, she called MacKinnon a “linchpin” to Buffalo debt collectors.

Here are snapshots of some cases against debt collectors that the state attorney general’s office, the Federal Trade Commission, and other law enforcement agencies have pursued over the past decade.

Of the $ 60 million MacKinnon agreed to pay, $ 40 million would be set aside to compensate consumers, and $ 20 million would be set aside for civil penalties imposed on state and federal governments.

Reacting to his default, state and federal agencies search his bank statements, credit card bills, tax returns, deeds, mortgages, promissory notes, and documents reflecting trusts, stocks, properties, estate planning and transfers. of assets to its family members, among other documents.

Government lawyers say MacKinnon has a habit of using his family and friends as straw people to hold and transfer assets on his behalf. three children, Mary Kate MacKinnon, Connor MacKinnon and Ryan MacKinnon; and one brother, Matthew MacKinnon.

Amy MacKinnon and Mary-Kate MacKinnon have responded to their subpoenas, and although the government sees gaps in their responses, both are in accordance with the court order to respond, Boyd said.

Matthew MacKinnon “is making a good faith effort” to respond, so government lawyers are not asking for sanctions against him, Boyd said.



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