Center Holds High-Level Meeting on Dengue Serotype 2 Cases in 11 States, Health News, ET HealthWorld



NEW DELHI: The central government convened a high-level meeting on Saturday on the emerging challenge of dengue serotype 2 cases in 11 states.

Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Guba chaired a high-level meeting with State / UT officials to also review and discuss the Covid-19 management and response strategy via video conference.

According to an official statement from the Department of Health and Family Welfare, the Union Health Secretary highlighted the emerging challenge of dengue serotype II in 11 states, associated with more cases and complications than other forms of the disease.

He suggested that states take measures such as early detection of cases, operationalizing fever hotlines; sufficient stock of testing kits, larvicides and drugs; deployment of rapid response teams for rapid investigation and necessary public health actions such as fever investigation, contact tracing, vector control; alert blood banks to maintain adequate stocks of blood and blood components, including platelets, among others.

States were also urged to undertake information, education and communication campaigns regarding helplines, vector control methods, source reduction in outbreaks and symptoms of dengue.

States reporting cases of dengue serotype II are Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, MP, UP, Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Telangana.

Previously, the Department of Health issued an advisory to these states in August and September 10.

On the management of Covid-19, the Secretary of Health has ordered 15 states to ensure necessary precautions and effective enforcement.

The Secretary of Health brought to the attention of States / UT that 70 districts in 15 states are of concern, as 34 of these districts have a positivity greater than 10% and in 36 districts the positivity is around 5%. 10%, according to the press release.

In view of the upcoming festival season, states have been urged to ensure all necessary precautions and effective enforcement to avoid mass gatherings and congested enclosed spaces.

“Existing guidelines for shopping malls, local markets and places of worship must be strictly followed. States have been urged to undertake effective IEC for the promotion of appropriate Covid behavior (CAB) and safe COVID festivities. They were advised to closely monitor the trajectories of cases in all districts on a daily basis to identify early warning signals and ensure the imposition of restrictions and compliance with the CAB, ”he said.

The Center also called on States / UT to monitor the spread of infection in children “considering that few States have opened schools and also monitor mutations, including enough samples for genome sequencing.”

trade union secretary for health Rajesh Bhushan; Dr VK Paul, member (health), NITI Aayog; As well as Chief State Secretaries, Additional Chief Secretaries (Health), Senior Secretaries (Health), City Commissioners, District Collectors and other senior state and UT officials also attended the meeting. .



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