50 tips for saving everyday



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Ant spending is responsible for decreasing the size of our portfolio than expected. These mean that when it comes time to pay for basic services it doesn’t reach you, that you become a slave to credit cards and interest-free months, in addition to generating chronic stress for “not having money.” money”.

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So how can you save money so that your little pig does not cry every two weeks? Adina Chelminsky shares 50 tips for saving everyday. On her own terms, she was invited to the Money party to give the theme “the most arid and impossible of all”, Adina remains positive and says “we will see that it can be done”.

Adina is a Mexican entrepreneur, personal finance expert, author of 5 books (several bestsellers) including ‘Cabrona y Millonaria’ , endless articles, founder of Tianguis.mx and in her spare time she records the podcast of ‘La Burra Arisca’ . Her passion in life is mentoring entrepreneurs and painting her hair in phosphorescent colors.

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50 tips for saving

  1. See your finances in the mirror. For one year for each month, write down absolutely all the expenses you have at home. At the end of the month, separate the expenses by item, see what you are spending coldly, so it is much easier to spot money leaks.
  2. Budget. Follow him, inside of it he allocates an amount to savings as if it were a forced expenditure.
  3. Have where to save. Open a bank account where you deposit all your money. Having money in a drawer or mattress is the easiest way to save money.
  4. Get an automatically deducted monthly amount of your payroll to deposit it into your savings account.
  5. Create a tax strategy. Get expert advice to help you maximize deductions on your annual tax return.
  6. Leisure is the mother of all vices including waste. Stay busy with activities that don’t involve spending out of boredom.
  7. Don’t eat your money. When you go to the supermarket, make a list of what you need and only buy what is written down, giving yourself a spin or two. Be careful with predefined lists in apps, you don’t always need everything in there. Watch out for big promotions, these are hooks for you to buy other items at a regular or maybe higher price. Get in the habit of using coupons or coupons for the products you usually buy.
  8. Your pantry is not a bank. Don’t save your money there, do you really need 10 cans of tuna and three cans of detergent? Hoarding often results in waste. Say no to panic shopping.
  9. If you smoke, stop smoking even if it’s vaping. Cigars or vape items not only decrease your health, but also your money.
  10. Live in safety. Unexpected expenses can derail the most prudent course of action. Have the right insurance.
  11. Cut down on your coffee. This weekly strike costs about four thousand pesos per year. Don’t leave them, cut their intake in half.
  12. Check that the clothes you send to the dry cleaners are really what they need, if not, look for an alternative to wash at home.
  13. Holidays out of high season. Not only will you find the best prices, you will save yourself the crowds in the tourist centers and you will have the joy of enjoying what your city is without traffic.
  14. Look for other recreational options. There are some nice picnic spots where you can spend the day at a much lower price than a restaurant.
  15. Youth divine treasure , you’re leaving never to come back. If you are over 18, take out your INAPAM ID and use it to get discounts.
  16. Do you really need all the streaming services you have? Are you using all the apps you’ve already downloaded? Review and write off the costs they charge you monthly.
  17. Are you going to have a child? Take advantage of prepaid packages that offer attractive discounts at some hospitals and gynecologists. And most likely the baby will need orthodontics, some dentists also offer similar plans.
  18. Save money by preventing small corrections to imperfections in your home, person or car before they become major expenses.
  19. Reuse , go green for the environment and for your money.
  20. Become industrious or industrious. Learn how to change light bulbs, unclog pipes and more everyday problems, to reduce emergency calls to plumbers, electricians, and more. YouTube has wonderful sources of information.
  21. Examine and compare your mobile and Wi-Fi plan at home so you have the right one.
  22. Give it affection, don’t buy it. A card with a personal message, a homemade gift or a detail designed especially for someone, are much more precious gifts.
  23. Credit cards are a double-edged sword . You don’t need seven different credit cards, two are more than enough, try using cash most of the time or a debit card. Pay the entire balance of your card each month, the interest rates charged are very high. Now, if you use them as a means of financing, choose the one with the lowest rate, and not the one that offers you the most additional advantages such as points, which can seem very attractive but which are ultimately very expensive.
  24. Promotions in deferred payments or months without interest not only tie you to payments on your credit card, but they also distort your view of what you really owe. You should therefore use them very carefully, only for essential expenses. And no, a plasma television is not essential.
  25. Review the amount of your withdrawals each month to avoid errors and leaks.
  26. Cook at home. Do an activity on Sunday to prepare meals for the week. You will eat better, healthier and cheaper.
  27. Beware of words that hook you like “on sale”, “discounts”, “pay 2 get 3”. First assess if these are things you really need or if they are exciting purchases.
  28. Take care of online shopping. Just because they’re easy to order doesn’t mean they’re the items you really need.
  29. Learn to say no to your friends who sell jewelry, clothes and the like, not because you don’t want to support them, but only buy what you need, not out of commitment and strive for the quality of the products to be adequate.
  30. Save on shipping costs. Try to cut down on the chats you make through mobile apps.
  31. Learn how to do beauty services at home like painting your hair, for example. Avoid having someone come to your home or salon to do most of the procedures.
  32. Minimize valet parking. First, opt for daily parking, a difference of 30 pesos per day translates into an annual saving of more than 10,000 pesos.
  33. Do not buy any item over 1500 pesos without comparing its price in at least three different places. You will be surprised at the differences that may exist.
  34. Focus on saving water, electricity and gas. Environmental conservation measures like turning off the lights, turning off the water tap, bathing in less time, are not good for the world, they are also great for your pocket.
  35. Every day, check your pocket and put all coins under 5 pesos in your piggy bank. Then, once a month, he takes this little pig to the slaughterhouse, that is to say to the bank. You will be surprised by the carnita it gives.
  36. Avoid your children’s chatter , they are a drain of money that usually ends up being broken. Rest assured that the best gift for your children is to be with you.
  37. Withdraw money wisely from an ATM . There are commissions to use if it is another bank or even yours.
  38. Make your children good brothers , who inherit things like school clothes and books.
  39. Cancel your membership if you don’t go to the gym.
  40. Be smart and avoid lawsuits. Make sure you don’t do business or personal transactions without a contract that both parties fully understand.
  41. Take advantage of points and miles they suggest you be a frequent user of a service. But beware, many times these promotions aim to promote more consumption.
  42. The flower of abundance and others. No.
  43. Set a budget if you like to gamble or gamble and don’t get out of there. In the heat of the moment, you can bet so much that it hurts your savings plan. Games are fun, they are never a channel for making money and getting rich.
  44. Don’t drink for fashion , get tips on finding great options at lower prices.
  45. Go to sleep early. Only leave departures for the weekends, you’ll wake up with the peace of mind that you and your assets are more alert.
  46. Make your leisure time a business.
  47. Don’t buy the fashion, buy the quality. Choose classic clothes that you can wear for a long time.
  48. Be a good finance teacher. Teach your children how to manage money while they are financially dependent on you.
  49. The paper speaks. Request all medical and psychological reports in writing and keep them in a physical or electronic file.
  50. Money doesn’t buy love.



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