Use this insurance to secure loss of labor

ZDF WISO is currently explaining how consumers can protect themselves against occupational disability. First, the difference between the two terms must be explained. Occupational disability means that, to a certain extent, usually 50 percent, it is no longer possible to work in the current profession, for example due to physical problems. On the other hand, anyone who is “unable to work” no longer manages to work at least three hours a day – no matter what profession they are in, ” says ZDF WISO.

If employees can no longer work, the income breaks down. However, the monthly costs, such as rent or credit installments, continue to rise. In order to maintain the usual standard of living or to be able to continue with only minor deductions , private provision is crucial.

ZDF WISO: Several options for hedging

According to ZDF WISO, there are several options besides the occupational disability insurance to protect the workforce. These include disability, accident, severity, and disability insurance . Above all, they differ in terms of when the insurer pays which service and what the protection costs. For example, insured persons with private accident insurance usually only receive a one-off payment. In addition, the insurance provides only if customers are permanently affected by an accident. However, “only ten percent of occupational and unemployment cases are due to accidents,” explains the consumer magazine.

What do the different insurance costs?

The costs for all mentioned insurances are based on the age of the insured person, the state of health and the risk of the occupation. According to ZDF WISO, a 30-year-old with office work can already insure himself from 55 euros a month if he wants a private pension of 1,500 euros up to the age of 65. The difference between the profession and the profession can be seen from the magazine on the basis of occupational disability insurance. This costs between 45 euros and 130 euros (commercial clerk) or 150 euros and 370 euros (masons), although age and monthly pension are equal.

With these contributions ZDF WISO lies approximately in the range, which shows a current occupational disability insurance test of Franke and Bornberg on behalf of the Handelsblatt. Here, the costs of 34 offers for the first year of insurance were compared for three sample customers (30-year-old bank clerk or mechanical engineer with a pension of 1,500 euros and 45-year sales manager with 2,500 euros monthly coverage). As many as 18 tariffs are very good from the point of view of the testers, with the top 3 coming from

  • Swiss Life “SBU”
  • Stuttgart “BUV-Plus, Tariff 91”
  • HDI “SBU EGO Top”

composed. Interested parties pay a contribution of currently just under € 99 (banker and mechanical engineer) or € 205 for the winner of the test. Other occupational disability insurances are cheaper but convince less than the top-ranked offers.

Attention: In the coming year the disability insurance threatens to become more expensive. Interested parties should therefore strive for a hedge this year.

ZDF WISO: What to pay attention to when concluding the insurance

Those who opt for disability insurance, should pay attention to four points in the final, according to ZDF WISO: answer health questions truthfully, pay attention to the so-called waiver abstract reference, agreed longest running time and dynamics. The latter term means that although the contributions increase steadily. At the same time, the loss in value of the future disability pension will be offset by inflation.

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