Question of the week: What insurance pays for storm damage?

While the current storm low Thomas is just picking up speed in some parts of the country, it is already ebbing away in other regions. There are some damage shortly after the storm, which are likely to be expensive. But those who have well insured home and farm usually do not have to worry about high costs. Depending on the damage, insured persons are entitled to building, household contents, liability or motor vehicle insurance . Which insurance exactly pays for storm damages depends on what has been affected.

These insurance companies protect against unwanted costs in the event of bad weather

For damage to the house usually the building insurance. When the storm blows bricks off the roof, smashes windows, or uproots trees on the property, it covers, among other things, the cost of cleaning up and repairing the damage. However, at least wind force eight must be proven. That corresponds to a wind speed from about 62 kilometers per hour. If the device in the apartment or in the house is damaged by the storm, for example due to a leaky roof, the household contents insurance pays.

Liability insurance covers any damage caused to other people by their own belongings, for example, when a flower box blown from the balcony injures a passerby. If a fallen tree from the property of an apartment building destroys the neighbor’s roof, this is a case for the landlord liability insurance. However, insured persons are obliged to avoid unnecessary damage . So light items should be brought in a storm warning for security in the apartment.

Storm damage to the car: Without comprehensive insurance it will be expensive

Gale gales, heavy rain and hail often cause not only damage to homes, but also to cars. For example, flying branches can scratch the paint or break the roof. Motorists who have taken out a partial or fully comprehensive insurance for their car, can breathe easy. Because with them the insurance pays for the respective damage. As with building damage here is a minimum value of wind force eight. Also insured is only the current time value of the car . Nevertheless, such a policy saves vehicle owners high repair costs. With motor liability insurance, however, the chances of settling claims are rather poor.

What do insured persons have to do in case of damage?

Anyone who discovers damage to the house, household contents or car after a storm should first inquire whether similar devastation has arisen in the neighborhood. Before the injured person approaches his insurance company to report the damage, it is also advisable to check whether the storm really had at least wind force eight. The insurer should be contacted in case of damage as soon as possible , so that the problem can be solved quickly. Furthermore, there are the following points to note:

  • To prove the damage with photos
  • Discuss the further procedure with the insurance
  • Initiate damage limitation
  • Create a damage list

To calculate the costs as accurately as possible, the purchase receipts of the damaged items are helpful. If these can no longer be found, the purchase date and price must be estimated.

When do insurers not pay?

In general, insurance companies do not pay for windstorm damage if the insured have neglected their negligence or acted negligently. This is how tenants and homeowners stay in the apartment for damage when they have left the windows open in the event of storms or heavy rain. In the worst case, the causer must even be liable for the damage . For example, if a rotten tree falls on the neighbor’s fence or injures a pedestrian, the victim may demand compensation. Because the owner would have been responsible for cutting the tree.

For damage to the house, there is also a restriction in the homeowner and the home insurance. Both come only for so-called elemental damage caused by earthquakes, avalanches or floods when consumers have completed an additional elementary insurance.

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