Loan against real estate collateral


What is a real estate collateral loan and how can I get it? A mortgage loan is issued by pledging real estate, it can be a building or buildings, an apartment or land, a piece of land. If the property is purchased and you do not have the necessary finances, a mortgage loan is a great solution.

The mortgage loan is issued by Piggy Bank on flexible terms

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Piggy Bank successfully operates in the Baltic States, Finland, Spain, Germany and Austria, offering various types of loans, including real estate collateral . What amounts does Piggy Bank offer to borrow against real estate and what is the loan repayment term? Piggy Bank offers loans starting from 200 euros, but mortgages against real estate collateral range from 1000 to 90 000 euros. The repayment term is from 6 months to 15 years.

What interest rates are offered for Piggy Bank loans? Exact information on interest rates can be found on the Piggy Bank website, as the lender constantly offers different types of shares, so it is not possible to tell the exact interest rate for each type of loan.

How can I apply for a mortgage ?

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You need to fill out a credit application online (free credit examination ). The answer will be communicated by the credit manager by calling the phone number you provide in your application. If the answer is affirmative and you want to apply for a mortgage on the terms and conditions that the lender will offer you, you will need to come to any of Piggy Bank’s branches with your passport, real estate valuation and proof of no mortgage debt.

Piggy Bank real estate mortgage loan is the solution for getting your new home. No need to store, you can live as early as tomorrow. Before borrowing a mortgage , be sure to consider all the pros and cons so you can pay off the loan on time


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