Liability insurance students

How are students insured?

A private liability insurance is one of the most important safeguards for everyday life. It protects insured persons from the financial consequences of claims for damages by third parties. Students only need their own private liability under certain conditions, for example if the parents have not taken out family liability. As a rule, children are covered by these during their initial training – that is, during their first studies or their first vocational training.

Why is a liability insurance important for students?

Many students have little money available during their studies and often have to work on the side to finance rent and Co. Additional expenses would often go too far. Therefore, private liability insurance is very important to them. For if they damage third parties, they have to step in for the damage. This can be the case, for example, if the student:

  • accidentally pouring his coffee cup over the laptop of a fellow student
  • slept in the morning, swings frantically on the wheel and collides in a curve with a pedestrian who falls rudely, or
  • after a celebration does not find his door key and the locking system for the entire house must be replaced.

Whether property, personal or pecuniary damage: The private liability not only takes over the claims for damages , but also checks in advance whether they are justified. If not, the insurance repels them. The protection of the insurance there are already starting from three euros a month .

When do students need liability insurance?

Often, students are covered by their parents’ liability insurance . However, to be covered, some requirements must be met. The insurance coverage of family liability usually applies to one’s own children in the following cases:

✓ During the first study or the first training directly after school
✓ During a voluntary service or a voluntary social or environmental year
✓ During unemployment , with protection depending on the insurer may be limited in time

Some insurers also provide for an age limit of, for example, 25 years. If students have achieved this, they need their own liability insurance.

Liability insurance: students with family insurance despite their own apartment?

The place of residence of one’s own children also plays a role in whether or not they are co-insured with their parents. For example, if students live in the dormitory during the week, but spend the weekend at home, they are usually still part of the family insurance. The prerequisite is that the main residence is still registered with the parents. However, if they have their own apartment during their studies or training, which is also registered as their main residence, they are in most cases excluded from the joint insurance cover.

A wedding is another exclusion criterion from the common private liability. Again, an independent protection is necessary.

Tip: Which rates provide a very good mix of price and performance, for example, shows the latest test for liability insurance of Stiftung Warentest.

Check contract of parents

If the contract of the parents is older than five years, it is worthwhile to compare it with other tariffs. The insurers not only improve their services on a regular basis, but also lower the price when competing for new customers.

Personal liability insurance abroad

During their studies, students often have the opportunity to study abroad for one semester. As a rule, students within the European Union are covered by their own liability insurance or that of their parents. Nevertheless, it is advisable to ask the insurance company if and when the insurance coverage applies. Especially for longer stays outside the EU this can be limited in time.

Find cheap liability insurance for study

As a general rule, parents should check their insurance documents with their children after leaving school. The insurers have different conditions under which circumstances, the offspring continues to fall into the liability of the family.

If students need their own liability insurance, but are short of money, they can choose a deductible of, for example, 150 euros. Insured persons should damage third parties and claim their insurance, they participate with these 150 € in the benefits of private liability. With this gimmick, the protection is a bit cheaper.

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