Liability insurance in the test

Liability insurance test: The current test winner overview

Who wants to take out a private liability insurance or change the insurer, is facing a variety of offers with different benefits and costs. In order to get along in this jungle of liability insurance, comparisons such as the current test of Stiftung Warentest are useful. Often, several test winners are appointed. Here an individual tariff comparison helps to find the personal best protection.

Handelsblatt checks liability insurance: Many new test winners 2018

Consumer advocates agree: The liability insurance is a must for everyone. To ensure that insured persons are fully protected, the contract should offer some important benefits . Therefore, in the spring of 2018, the Handelsblatt only checked offers with top protection from the rating agencies Franke and Bornberg. 55 tariffs for singles and families were examined for the test.

The examined private liability insurance not only secures customers with private or professional key loss. If, for example, insured persons help relocate and cause damage, this is covered (so-called ” courtesies” ). It is also important in the eyes of the experts that personal liability can be relied on even if the policyholder himself is harmed. The bad debt cover the liability of steps in when the polluter can not repair the damage.

For the test, the best liability insurance in 2018 was determined for a single sample customer and a married model customer with two children. Both are 44 years old and want a liability with a coverage of at least ten million euros.

A total of 13 insurance policies for single people are very good in the test. The experts award this ruling to the family tariffs 15 times . A singles tariff achieves the highest possible score of 100 points, with three insurers creating family offers.

The Best Liability Insurance Companies Find Singles in 2018 According to Comparison Among Others:

insurance tariff Points
Upper Austrian insurance “Super Protection” 100
GMO “Top-Vit” 97
VHV “Exclusive-Garant” 97
Waldburger “Premium” 97
Janitos “Best Selection” 97

For families, these providers score the most overall points:

insurance tariff Points
Upper Austrian insurance “Super Protection” 100
GMO “Top-Vit” 100
SLP “Prima Plus 2016” 100
Waldburger “Premium” 94
Adcuri “Premium Protection” 94
InterRisk “Concept XXL” 94
VHV “Exclusive-Garant” 94
The liability insurance “Just better” 94
HanseMerkur “Top” 94

Many other private liability insurance companies achieve a good rating with their protection. However, around a third does not come up with a satisfactory overall result.

In terms of price, the insurers in the tables differ between 53 euros and 64 euros (singles) and 76 euros and 94 euros (families) a year. ” Private liability insurance is available for relatively little money . However, a price comparison is still worthwhile, “is the conclusion of the comparison by Handelsblatt.

Stiftung Warentest: 87 liability insurance convince in the test

In autumn 2017, the consumer organization Stiftung Warentest also examined private liability insurance for families, which provide for a coverage of ten million euros. All good and very good offers also offer a minimum protection . This covers damage

  • unintentionally transmitting computer viruses to foreign PCs,
  • the leakage of domestic sewage, for example, through clogged pipes,
  • the guarding of foreign dogs or horses,
  • water polluting substances and
  • Gradual damage (damage in the apartment or house, which arises only in the course of time)

from. It was also examined whether the insurance company also insured damage through acts of kindness or a drone, as well as providing for default on bad debts.

The experts have checked nearly 220 offers for private liability insurance . In the test, 87 tariffs receive a very good rating . Another 88 are good. The overall result is composed only of the analysis of benefits. How many interested people pay for the liability, the experts have indeed determined. The annual fee, however, does not affect the test result.

The best rating is achieved by insurer Basler with a rating of 0.7. This is followed by VHV and HDI, two providers that have been rated 0.8 by the consumer organization.

Top 3 in liability insurance test:

✓ Basel “Ambiente Top”
✓ VHV “Classic-Garant Exclusive”
✓ HDI “Carefree”

The test winners differ significantly in price. So there is the protection of liability insurance of Black Forest (tariff “Exclusive Fair Play Direct”) already for 50 euros a year. Other offers, which are also very good, cost 150 euros and more. This price range shows once again how important it is to compare several insurance offers before concluding the contract.

New contracts often offer more than old ones

According to Stiftung Warentest, the offers have improved considerably over the years, for example with regard to the amount of the insured sum and the additional benefits. Insured have their current liability for five years or more, the consumer organization advises a change.

What liability insurance does the Focus-Money test recommend?

Also in the test of Focus Money in cooperation with Franke and Bornberg in the spring of 2017, the performance of almost 100 private liability insurance were on the test . In this test, however, the price was taken into account. It accounts for 30 percent of the overall result. Thus, the investigation provides recommended rates for a liability with the optimal price-performance ratio.

The best rates for singles offer three providers according to the test:

insurance offer
InterRisk “Concept XL without contribution adjustment”
Janitos “Best Selection”
Upper Austrian insurance “Super Protection”

They get an excellent rating and cost between 45 euros and 56 euros a year . For families, the Upper Austrian and SLP (“Prima 2016”) recommend two liability insurances that have achieved an outstanding overall rating in comparison. Here, the costs vary between 58 euros and 78 euros a year.

What experience do insured people have with their insurance?

Independent tests are one way to find the best liability insurance. Another is to choose a provider in which insured have so far made very good experiences. This is exactly what the customer survey conducted by the Service Value analysis institute in March 2018 found.

The testers evaluated more than 3,500 judgments regarding customer satisfaction in five areas: customer care, customer service, products, claim settlement and value for money.

Of the 36 insurers audited, eleven received a very good rating . These include:

✓ Liability insurance Darmstadt
✓ AachenMünchener
✓ Provincial Rhineland

Ten insurance companies are also good in the eyes of customers, for example Helvetia, Concordia, ARAG and VHV.

Compare liability insurance and save money

On the one hand, the different tests show that the performance level of private liability insurance is very high . On the other hand , the costs are sometimes significantly different. Who does not choose the first best liability, but first compares different tariffs in terms of their services and prices, can quickly save hundreds of euros and more per year. With our tariff comparison, those interested can get a quick overview of a large number of offers.

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