Horses liability insurance

Horse liability insurance for claims

The horse liability is essential for horse owners. It protects against claims for damages if your own horse causes damage to a third party. Because the private liability insurance does not jump in here. Horse owners should not underestimate the risk of costly claims. After all, millions of dollars of damage can quickly come. A powerful protection is available for less than 100 euros per year.

What does the horse-bondage service do?

The equine liability for personal injury, damage to property and pecuniary loss incurred by third parties by the insured horse. She pays the incurred demands. However, some fares only refund certain damages up to a specified upper limit. Therefore, it makes sense to pay attention to the exact scope of services when comparing offers.

Should someone demand unjustified damages, the insurance repudiates the claim for the horse owner and thus offers a passive legal protection.

Example of personal injury:

During the ride, a horse shies away from a walker and injures him by kicking his head. At the hospital, doctors diagnose a skull base fracture and brain injuries. This is followed by a lengthy hospital stay followed by rehab. The horse liability pays the treatment costs and a compensation money to the injured party.

Example property damage:

A horse suddenly breaks through and gallops across a country lane. Several cars, including an expensive sports car, collide as a result and suffer a total loss. In total, the claims for damages amount to a six-figure euro amount. It could have been even worse, because a truck almost loses its cargo in an evasive maneuver. Then the amount of damage would have risen to the millions. But even for a good horse liability would have come up.

Example financial loss:

A horse breaks away from the pasture and runs on a highway. It takes more than an hour for the police to catch the animal and hand it over safely to the owner. However, the officials lock the highway during this time completely. As a result, several people miss career appointments. You incur significant loss of earnings. The horse liability reimburses these financial losses.

When does not the horse liability?

The insurance does not cover damage caused to the horse owner himself, the horse, for example, throws it off and he fractures his bones. However, horse owners can take out private accident insurance against the risk of injury.

Which coverage amount should have a horse liability?

A high-performance horse-drawn liability has a coverage amount of five million euros or more per claim. There are offers that cover 20 million or even 50 million euros. Although it comes in the case of equine liability rarely such high damage. However, it is recommended that insured persons do not set the coverage level too low. For example, if the coverage is one million euros and there are higher claims for damages, they must pay the difference out of their own pocket. With a comparison to the horse liability, horse owners find cheap tariffs, which offer a sufficient coverage.

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Who is protected by the insurance?

In addition to the horse owner are secured persons who are responsible for the horse. This means that the insurance accepts claims of third parties, for example, if a family member rides out with the horse and it comes to a loss. Likewise, animal keepers and so-called foreign riders are protected. By this the insurers understand persons who guard or ride the horse free of charge. This can be a friend or acquaintance looking after the horse.

Not all persons are insured

Although the horse liability protects family members and friends who ride or care for the horse. However, persons who take over the supervision of the horse by contract and not for free are often not insured. Paid riding interests, for example, usually need their own insurance contract.

What is the cost of a horse insurance?

Compared to the high costs that a horse-owner’s liability can save horse-lovers, the insurance is cheap. The contributions depend on the scope of services and the amount of the deductible. Horse owners who decide against a deductible, pay higher insurance contributions. Interested parties often have the opportunity to opt for a longer minimum contract period in order to save costs.

In any case, it is advisable to carry out a tariff comparison before concluding. While there is already a high-performance horse liability for 70 euros per year, some insurers require twice as much.

This can save additional money

If you choose an annual rather than a monthly payment, you can save as well. Because with a monthly payment the insurers charge a slight premium.

What additional benefits does the protection for horse owners offer?

Many fares have a number of additional benefits. These include:

  • Reimbursement of rented damages: The horse causes damage to rented, leased or borrowed stables, riding halls, pastures and horse trailers.
  • Protection of foals and juveniles: Foals and young animals of the insured mare are included in the insurance cover up to a certain age. This means that the hedge also applies to damage by the young.
  • Protection of riding and show horses: Not all providers insure riding and show horses, as they have a higher risk of damage.
  • Unintentional cover file: The insured stallion unintentionally covers a mare. This can result in various types of damage, such as mare injuries during blanketing or pregnancy and childbirth.

Horse owners should consider when choosing a suitable liability insurance, which of the additional benefits make sense to them. Afterwards, they can compare tariffs and select the offer with the best scope for personal needs.

Other insurances besides the horse liability

Horse owners should first secure themselves with a horse liability. In addition, there are other insurance companies that offer cost protection. Thus, the veterinary costs in horses in diseases or injuries sometimes amount to several thousand euros. Such high expenses can avoid horse owners with a special health insurance for horses.

Horse lovers who are not sure what additional hedge is recommended for them, can request a non-committal offer for horse insurance. You will receive information about cheap combined offers.

The most important horse insurance

Horse and surgery insurance

The health insurance for the horse provides basic or comfort protection at veterinary costs. Financial support for inpatient treatment is provided by the OP insurance.

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Horse Life Insurance

In the event of loss or impairment of a horse, a horse life insurance will reimburse the value of the horse up to the agreed cover amount.

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Horse transport and theft insurance A horse transport insurance covers damage that occurs during transport to the horse, including the eventual emergency killing. In addition, the theft of the horse is secured.
Body and pregnancy insurance These insurances cover mare and unborn foal. If complications occur and mare or foals die, the insurer pays the horse’s value.
Horse owners legal expenses insurance In a lawsuit around the horse, the horse protection insurance helps. This applies, for example, if the newly purchased horse has defects that were not clearly visible before purchase.


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