Savin goninsur online Debts Health insurance Additional contribution 2017 remains stable

Health insurance Additional contribution 2017 remains stable

How high the health insurance additional contribution 2017 for statutory health insurance be expected, was announced today on the basis of the latest forecast of the GKV-circle of estimators. Accordingly, he will not rise in the coming year and remain at the level of 1.1 percent. Overall, the contribution rate for the statutory health insurance thus on average remains unchanged at 15.7 percent . It is to be expected that, as in previous years, the Federal Ministry of Health will follow the estimates of the experts.

Since the average additional contribution for health insurance companies is not binding , it may come despite the desired contribution stability to significant premium adjustments for insured . For example, Securvita only increased its additional contribution from 1.1 percent to 1.4 percent this month. Already every sixth health insurance with its additional contribution is above average, including Viactiv (1.7 percent), DAK health (1.5 percent), AOK Rhineland / Hamburg, IKK classic (both 1.4 percent), SBK ( 1.3 percent) and KKH (1.2 percent).

Update 02. January 2017: Meanwhile it is clear with 26 health insurance companies that they increase their health insurance premiums 2017. With the health insurance comparison calculator insured can quickly check which fund is the cheapest in their region.

Health insurance additional contribution: deferred contribution increase

Originally, the GKV-Spitzenverband assumed that the additional contribution in 2017 would be adjusted to 1.4 percent. That it does not come to this, is on the one hand to the 1.5 billion euros, the Minister of Health Hermann Gröhe (CDU) has promised the coffers as an additional cash injection. On the other hand, the labor market is developing very well, and the reserves of the health insurance companies have recently risen to more than 15 billion euros.

However, critics such as IG Metall board member Hans-Jürgen Urban consider the additional billions for the coffers to be questionable. “The calculus is apparently to keep another debate on the additional contribution in the election year from the neck,” Urban explains the dpa. The increase in health insurance premiums would only be deferred . “Instead of engaging in election tactical maneuvers, the ministry responsible should finally put the financing of the health insurance on a just and sustainable basis.” So far, the additional contribution is completely charged to the employees. Employers only contribute 7.3% of the contribution.