Building insurance & benefits

What services does the building insurance company offer homeowners?

Every homeowner should insure expensive damage to the house through a building insurance. It is important to choose an insurance that pays in addition to the basic protection in case of damage by natural forces.

The benefits of building insurance at a glance

In basic protection, the building insurance covers damage caused by fire, tap water, hail or storm on the premises. The insurance pays for the necessary repair work or the new building, for example, if the building burns down completely.

However, some providers do not always provide, but provide for certain exclusions . As a rule, there is no insurance cover if insured persons caused the damage negligently or intentionally . Even a damage caused by gross negligence can lead insurers, who do not renounce the objection of gross negligence , to reduce or even cancel the benefits of the building insurance. In addition, the insurance companies usually exclude the following cases:

  • Damage incurred before the building is ready for occupancy
  • Fire damage if the damaged items were exposed to useful heat such as a fireplace or boiler

Tip: Who wants to protect his house with a building insurance, should choose a tariff in which also grossly negligent caused damage is covered. With an individual tariff comparison, homeowners quickly find the optimum protection for their four walls.

water damage

If the house is damaged by a water pipe breakage , the benefits of building insurance only apply if the damage has been caused by tap water . This means that water damage caused by high and groundwater as well as flowing or stagnant water is excluded. The same applies to splashing or cleaning water. However, if supply hoses or parts of the sanitary system are defective, the insured person can rely on his insurance.

Good homeowners insurance not only covers the costs of repairing the water damage. It also accrues for rent losses or curtailments and for a transitional dwelling , provided that the owners are residents of the house.

Building fire insurance

The basic benefits of building insurance include protection against fire damage. If owners only want to insure their house against fire damage and refrain from providing services in the event of devastation caused by bad weather and water, they can opt for so-called building fire insurance. As the name suggests, the insurance only covers damage caused by fire.

The insurer reimburses those costs resulting from lightning, fire or explosion . But even in the unlikely event that a steerable missile, for example, a glider, crashes into the home, owners are financially prepared with a building fire insurance.

Hail and storm

Especially heavy thunderstorms can make your home difficult. If the roof is covered by a storm or if hailstones hit large holes in the facade, it can very quickly become very expensive. The building insurance is responsible for the necessary repairs and saves insured the immense financial burden of working on the house. However, it is important that the provider only takes over storm damage if it has been proven that the wind force was 8.

Editorial tip for the contract

Homeowners should agree upon completion of the building insurance the so-called sliding new value. This ensures that the sum insured is always high enough to cover all costs incurred in the event of an emergency.

Does the insurance also cover garage and co.?

As a rule, all permanently installed parts of the house are insured, such as heaters and fitted kitchens. Likewise, all outbuildings located on the property, such as the garage or the tool shed, can be co-insured. All objects to be insured should be recorded in the contract . This is not always the case automatically. Items that are not permanently connected to the building are part of the household contents and have to be insured separately.

Whether the insurance also provides for a carport depends on the insurance company. Normally, the terms and conditions of insurance stipulate that co-insured objects must be protected against external influences, such as rain, and must be used 50 percent for residential purposes. The latter is not the case with a carport. Therefore, insured persons should check in the contract terms whether this is still insured.

Elementary insurance: Important addition to the building insurance

In addition to the basic benefits, homeowners are recommended to extend the protection of the insurance by a natural hazard insurance. It attacks damage caused by

✓ flood,
✓ flooding,
✓ earthquake,
✓ frost and
✓ Snow pressure is created.

Certain risks accumulate in some regions of Germany, for example in areas that are particularly at risk of flooding. Other forces of nature such as heavy rainfall floods, on the other hand, are difficult to define for a particular region. ” Since the weather damage has accumulated in recent years, the additional protection of natural hazard insurance can make sense,” say experts such as the consumer center North Rhine-Westphalia.

Tip: The cost of additional protection varies depending on the location of your own property. It is therefore advisable to compare several offers with the help of a comparison calculator. Interested parties will find the optimal mix of price and performance for their own home.

glass breakage

Even broken windows and windows are covered by a building insurance. However, the insurance cover does not apply to any damage. Only costs incurred by the risks recorded in the insurance such as storm, hail, fire and tap water are covered. For all other claims, homeowners can take out glass insurance. However, this is quite expensive and pays off only with large windows such as a conservatory.


Solar power systems can also be covered by building insurance. Then reimburses these costs, for example, caused by a direct lightning. It makes more sense, however, a special photovoltaic insurance. Because this also pays if the system is damaged by an indirect lightning strike or short circuit.

Compensation for vandalism

Many building insurances protect the house against vandalism and graffiti. Especially damage caused by vandalism is an unnecessary financial burden. Thus, some homeowners insurers offer to reimburse costs by security companies. If interested parties value these services, it is worth taking a closer look at the insurance conditions in order to examine the specific scope of services.

Find the right protection for your own home now

The home is one of the most valuable possessions that homeowners have. For many, their own four walls also serve as private retirement plans . Therefore, you should not risk getting into financial distress without optimum insurance cover due to damage to the house or even losing your own home and thus your old-age provision. With the free comparison calculator you can find insurance that protects you reliably. At the same time, interested parties have the opportunity to save considerable additional costs for overpriced offers.

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