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Image result for insurance companiesBayerische is a German insurance group based in Munich, which includes three companies, including Bayerische Beamten Versicherung AG. The insurer offers private customers a wide range of property and casualty insurance.

The origin of today’s insurance group lies in the 1858 founded “Pensions and corpse club for upper conductors and conductors of the Royal Bavarian State Railways”. This was a financial security for survivors of train drivers of the Bavarian railway company. At the turn of the century, the “Pensions and Deaths Fund of the Bavarian Tourist Association” was founded, and a little later, with the death benefit of Bavarian public servants, the “Pensions and Deaths Fund of Bavarian Public Servants”. Thus, the precursors for the Bavarian civil servants life insurance aG were created.

After the Bayerische Beamtenversicherungsanstalt VVaG was finally founded in 1916, the business area expanded to the entire German Reich around a decade later, and finally to all occupational groups in 1929.

It took almost forty years before the property insurance business of today’s Bavarian was finally founded with the “Allgemeine Sachversicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft der Bayerischen Beamtenversicherungsanstalt”. In the year 1972 this became the Bavarian civil servants insurance AG. In the same year, the Bavarian civil servants life insurance aG was launched. Both companies form today’s insurance group.

Since 2012, the entire group has been operating under the brand name “Die Bayerische”. In 2014, the insurance group managed more than 462 billion in revenue and employed nearly 500 people in Munich.

Insurance according to the “Purity Law”

In line with the purity requirement of German beers, Bayerische has developed its own slogan. “Insured under the Reinheitsgebot” should show the insured that the mutual insurance association openly and transparently deals with its contributions, while at the same time to ensure the best possible protection of its members.


Bayerische offers its insured a comprehensive range of pension options.

  • Fund pension : here, policyholders can opt for either a fund pension with or without a guarantee. The insurer invests the deposits with higher or lower risk for a later private pension payment.
  • Maximum interest pension : This product is at least 2.75 percent interest on the deposits possible.
  • State-subsidized pension : Here, policy-holders can opt for a classic Riester pension as well as a “basic pension”, which primarily brings self-employed tax benefits.
  • plusrente : With the “plusrente” direct insurance, Bayerische has launched a special product. Insured persons can thus benefit from a cashback system. The insurance cooperates with more than 1,000 online shops. First, the policyholder registers for the program. As soon as he buys in a partner shop, he receives cashback in the form of payments on his retirement account. The insurer uses the money to invest in funds. The advantage for the policyholder is that he can conclude a pension insurance without a health examination and at the same time he saves taxes and social security contributions.

The pension plan is rounded off by various life insurance policies. This segment is divided into risk and life insurance policies at Bayerische.

So you can conclude a life or pension insurance with the Bavarian:

  1. Contact the insurer and request further information.
  2. Search on the homepage of the Bavarian for a consultant in your area.
  3. Find out in detail about your hedging options.
  4. Submit your application.
  5. After an insurance check, you will receive your policy by post.

complaint Statistics

Number of insurance contracts (as of 31.12.2013) Number of complaints 2014 Complaint share 2014
No information No information No information

Source: Complaint Statistics of BaFin 2014

Private liability insurance

The insurer’s offer in the field of private liability covers three tariff groups with different levels of benefits: smart, comfort and prestige. In this way, coverage amounts of up to 20 million euros are possible. Complaints of damage can also be hedged up to the amount of the cover.

The following services are included in all tariff groups:

  • Damage-free discount: If no damage is claimed within three years, the contribution is reduced by 20 percent
  • Acceptance of costs for electronic data exchange or internet use
  • Hedging for the care of foreign dogs
  • Reimbursement of loss of professional or private keys
  • Performance update without extra charge
  • Hedging as an operator of photovoltaic systems

In the tariff optimally the achievements with damages by Internet use up to the height of the covering sum are secured. In addition, you receive a worldwide insurance coverage.

Extension in the public service possible

The private liability can be extended with a duty of service for teachers or employees in the public service.

Further liability insurance of the provider:

  • Domestic and landowners liability: This protection provides a coverage of up to 20 million euros, even with financial losses. The insurance cover includes a builder’s liability up to 50,000 euros.
  • Owner Liability : This insurance covers damages up to 20 million Euros and also covers the costs for some works that are carried out on their own.
  • Water damage liability : The product reaches for damages caused by leaks in oil tanks.
  • Livestock Liability : This insurance covers damages up to 15 million Euros. In addition, persons who occasionally take care of the animals are insured. If additional animals are insured, the contribution is reduced.
  • Water Sports Liability : The insurance covers damage caused by surfing or boating. The coverage is 20 million euros.
  • Hunting liability : This compulsory insurance for hunters in Germany also covers hunting companions.

complaint Statistics

Number of insurance contracts (as of 31.12.2013) Number of complaints 2014 Complaint share 2014
808121 47 0.06 percent

Source: Complaint Statistics of BaFin 2014


Also the household insurance of the provider is divided into three tariff groups: Smart, comfort and prestige. In the comfort and prestige tariffs, insured persons are provided with all-risks cover and, among other things, are insured for damage caused by vandalism. If desired, household contents insurance can also be extended to include elemental damage insurance through floods or avalanches.

No protection when traveling

This household insurance does not secure household effects on trips. Here you have to add the option “Travel”. Its performance depends on which tariff was chosen.

complaint Statistics

Number of insurance contracts (as of 31.12.2013) Number of complaints 2014 Complaint share 2014
No information No information No information

Source: Complaint Statistics of BaFin 2014