Accident-free and with parking space: Car insurance discounts properly use

In car insurance, not only motorists can benefit from discounts that have a garage or a high non-indemnity class. Even those who pay attention to a low type class when buying a car and have their car repaired in a partner workshop of the insurer can save a lot of money with car insurance. However, switching to a cheaper provider often brings with it enormous savings – without the use of discounts. As the term of notice for car insurance ends on 30 November for a large proportion of insurers, willing parties should compare different offers.

Accident-free drivers save up to 80 percent on their car insurance

If motorists stay without accidents for years or report no damage to the insurer, they are regularly classified in a higher non-infringement category. The better this is, the more the contributions to motor insurance fall. As a result of the gradual reduction in premiums, savings of up to 80 percent are possible for insured persons after 35 accident-free years , as reported by Versicherungskammer Bayern.

In order to prevent a downgrading and thus again higher contributions for the motor insurance, it is worthwhile to pay for the repair with smaller damages . If the option of a discount renter is included in the tariff, drivers are additionally insured in the event of an accident. Because even if insured persons are downgraded in the claim-free class, the contributions remain unchanged as well as the no claims discount. Meanwhile, the Rabattretter appears only in a few new contracts. The alternative is the discount protection. Drivers pay extra for this additional option, but the damage-free class and the associated discount do not change in the event of damage.

Do automotive and garage discounts on car insurance?

Anyone who gets caught in the grass or when driving over a red traffic light, gets points at the Federal Motor Transport Authority. Some insurers use such traffic sins for a premium increase and justify them with the increased accident risk . Accordingly, insured should take care to choose a provider in which the insurance is not more expensive by the points.

Membership in the Automobile Club has a positive impact on contributions , but it comes at extra cost. Some insurers offer only a small discount, so drivers should not choose to become a member just because of car insurance savings. The same applies to renting a garage. Although this seems useful to protect the car from scratches or bumps, for example, by falling chestnuts. On the other hand, if you only want to gain the safe parking space to benefit from the discount on car insurance, disillusionment often ensues . After all, many providers only reward this with minimal discounts, which are much lower than the monthly rent of a garage.

Keep your eyes open when buying a car

If you want to avoid unnecessarily high costs for car insurance, you should be careful when buying a car. Because the contributions are also based on the type class of the car. The more damage a car type causes, the higher the type class and premium.

Second car registration: car insurance discount even for young drivers

Discounts on car insurance benefit drivers who register a second car. This is often classified in the same damage class as the first car. As a result, the contributions are much lower than when the car is registered as the first vehicle . Then the insurer would assign the motorist a lower claim indemnity class and thus demand higher premiums. Especially novice drivers save a lot of money if they have their car insured as a second car of their parents .

In addition, spouses who co-insure on their partner, get benefits in the car insurance . Although these do not offer all insurers, with some providers can still save. Added to this is the savings made through workshop loyalty. If car drivers agree to repair damage to a partner garage of the insurer, their contribution to the car insurance usually falls. Furthermore, it can pay off to negotiate with the current provider about possible benefits , for example, when added to a secure parking space.

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