Sport insurance: Which protection makes sense?

Approximately 1.5 million people per year are involved in a sports accident – in addition, expensive property damage usually occurs. In particular, persons who engage in a relatively dangerous sport should therefore take out sports insurance. These include the following sports: Winter sports such as ice hockey, snowboarding or skiing Ball sports such as football, basketball or football Equestrian cycling […]

Rest insurance: vehicle protection in hibernation

A pension insurance exists for all existing motor vehicle liability insurance as well as for comprehensive insurance. Thus, the pension insurance may apply to all motor vehicles that are subject to the registration and insurance obligations in road traffic. Rest insurance is particularly often used for seasonal vehicles, for example for convertibles, motorcycles or RVs. Of course, it can also […]

Horses liability insurance

Horse liability insurance for claims The horse liability is essential for horse owners. It protects against claims for damages if your own horse causes damage to a third party. Because the private liability insurance does not jump in here. Horse owners should not underestimate the risk of costly claims. After all, millions of dollars of damage can quickly come. A […]