Month: November 2018

Vandalism and insurance coverage

Vandalism is generally the intentional damage or destruction of property. However, many insurance policies exclude

Liability insurance for rented damages

This is how rental damage is defined With the apartment everyone also rents the fixed

Smoke detector building insurance

No smoke detector: insurance still valid? In many federal states, homeowners are obliged to install

Insurance check: Which insurance is important?

It is not always easy to keep track of which private insurance is important and

Private health insurance for students

Important in the PKV for students Family insurance as a cheap alternative Under certain circumstances,

Dog health insurance: costs and benefits

Many dog owners are aware of the costs of acquiring their four-legged friend. They know

Question of the week: Who helps if the insurance does not pay?-

Although consumers with private health insurance (PHI) are often well protected in the event of

Health insurance Additional contribution 2017 remains stable

How high the health insurance additional contribution 2017 for statutory health insurance be expected, was

Statutory health insurance: Even retirees beckons favorable contribution

Faster appointments with the specialist, better doctor’s fees for cash-desk patients and the creation of

Bavarian officials insurance companies

Bayerische is a German insurance group based in Munich, which includes three companies, including Bayerische